6 Reasons Chewbacca Is MVP of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY

From his original appearance in A New Hope to his expansive life in the now decanonized Legends, Chewbacca has long been the wookiee that fans love, and long to know more about. Luckily Solo: A Star Wars Story was a Chewie-heavy adventure, so we thought we’d pay homage to our favorite cutie from Kashyyyk by showcasing how he was the real star of the show in our latest trip to the galaxy far, far away!

He’s Tough

We always knew that Chewie was resilient, but in Solo we get to see Chewbacca as a warrior. After escaping from incarceration and facing the reality that his entire race has been enslaved by the Empire, Chewie leads a team of Wookiees to overthrow their Imperial captors. In this story, Chewbacca finally gets the respect that he and his fight deserves.

He’s Really, Really Strong

Okay, Wookiees are obviously strong, but there are multiple moments in the movie that prove just how important that strength is. From smashing a huge metal pole to free himself and Han from captivity to disconnecting a massive train carriage full of Coaxium all by himself to finally pulling off someone’s arms, Chewie establishes himself as one of the strongest creatures in the entire galaxy!

He’s Righteous

Solo: A Star Wars Story puts Chewie’s life, motivations, and experiences at the center of a Star Wars movie, and in the process we learn one major thing: Chewie isn’t just loyal to Han, he’s loyal to everyone—whether it’s his fellow Wookiees, his crew, or his friends. Chewbacca can always be counted on to make the right decision and pitch in when needed.

He’s Always There to Help

Obviously this is a trope that we see a lot in the classic Star Wars trilogy and the Star Wars: Legends stuff, but Solo offers a slightly more balanced look at the pair as Han saves Chewie a couple of times, but then it’s back to business as usual. Chewie helps Han escape the pit, saves Han in the Kessel spice mines, and then saves the day when he takes over from Qi’ra in the Falcon!

He Loves Kashyyyk

Except for the now notorious Star Wars Holiday Special, we’ve rarely gotten to hear or learn about Chewie’s home planet onscreen. But in Solo, we not only do we get to hear about the horrors that have been perpetrated upon the Wookiee people, but we get to see a few moments devoted to them. Chewbacca leaves Han in the middle of the biggest heist of their lives to save a bunch of his hairy buds from the horrors of slavery on Kessel.

He’s Pretty Much Always Right

Thanks to his loyal nature, willingness to help out, and overall courageous attitude, Chewbacca is never seen making the wrong choice in Solo. Even when everyone around him struggles to make ethical choices or act in a timely manner, Chewbacca always falls on the side of right. No battle is ever lost on account of Chewie and no one is ever let down by his failure… because he doesn’t fail! Maybe that’s what makes him the best co-pilot in the galaxy.

Why is Chewie your number one? Or did a different member of Solo‘s cast win you over? Fly into the comments and let us know!

Images: Disney, Lucasfilm

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