Amazing Shadowbox Art Celebrates Yoda and Luke on Dagobah

What is the beating heart of the Star Wars saga, thematically speaking? Well, if you ask us, it’s all the Yoda training Luke Skywalker scenes on Dagobah from The Empire Strikes Back. Those moments took George Lucas’ saga from a fun space romp and elevated them into something else. Just picturing those scenes in our mind, we can hear John Williams’ score as Yoda raises the X-Wing from the swamp.

And now, you can own a piece of those iconic moments, in a manner of speaking. Artist Daniel Danger has created an incredible shadowbox for the folks at Bottleneck Gallery, called “Will He Finish What He Begins?” This is, of course, a direct quote from Yoda when speaking to Force Ghost Obi-Wan about young padawan Skywalker. You can check out some detailed images of this amazing piece down below.

Daniel Danger's shadowbox Will He Finish What He Begins celebrates Luke Skywalker's arrival on Dagobah.
Daniel Danger / Bottleneck Gallery
The piece is an 18 color screen print with 3 lasercut layers. It stands at 12 x18 inches (13 x 19 inches framed), and is ready to hang in your home or office in a custom wooden shadow box. The sale will last till Sunday, January 30th, at 11:59 pm eastern. Each box is $300, and you can find them now on Bottleneck Gallery’s website.
Close up shadowbox detail of Luke arriving on Dagobah.
Daniel Danger / Bottleneck Gallery
Yoda watches from a distance in this shadowbox detail.
Bottleneck Gallery / Daniel Danger
Close up shadowbox detail of Luke's crashed X-Wing.
Daniel Danger / Bottleneck Gallery
The coolest part of all? Daniel Danger has a very fun video detailing how this piece was made, which you can see above. It goes into all the various details that have to be just right for something like this to go from concept to reality. Also, Danger gets some extra nerd points here; the music he uses in the video is from the infamous Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk disco album from 1977.
You can see even more images, on a special website dedicated to the making of this piece. Check them all out now, by heading over to

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