STAR WARS Blue Milk Is Coming to Grocery Store Shelves on Earth

Ever since A New Hope, when we saw Aunt Beru serve her nephew Luke some blue milk on their Tatooine moisture farm, we’ve been wondering how it might taste. Well, in 2019, when Disneyland and Walt Disney World opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we learned. The theme park lands finally brought us blue milk treats. And it turns out that blue milk is actually pretty yummy. Now, the rest of us Earthlings not near a Disney theme park will get to taste some blue milk straight from the grocery store and not from the planet Batuu, with Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk.

New Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk, hitting grocery store shelves in April 2024.
Dairy Farmers of America TruMoo

Lucasfilm revealed the official Blue Milk as part of its “ Imperial March” of new product announcements. The new Star Wars brand of vanilla-flavored milk will be hitting the shelves on April 17. It comes from the Dairy Farmers of America TruMoo. So on this upcoming May the Fourth, you’ll be able to celebrate Star Wars Day in style and just the way Aunt Beru intended, with a cool glass of something blue. Just make sure you find yourself a Wookiee cookie to go with it. Even better would be a bowl of C-3PO’s Cereal, but sadly no one makes that anymore. You can check out our review of TruMoo’s Star Wars Blue Milk.

This is actually not the first Star Wars milk branding from the Dairy Farmers of America TruMoo. They’ve had little Grogu from The Mandalorian on their milk cartons in the past, as well as Darth Vader. Now the brand have both Vader and Luke Skywalker on their milk containers. The art shows the pair fighting it out in a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. We’re not sure if the Star Wars Blue Milk is a limited-time offering, but we hope this is one that sticks around. We have Star Wars fruit roll-ups and other goodies all year round , right? So we deserve some Blue Milk all year round too.

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