What Does STAR WARS Blue Milk Taste Like? A Review of the Galactic Drink You Can Soon Buy

On April 17, Star Wars‘ epic drink, Blue Milk, will hit grocery stores for all to buy. That’s right, those of us on regular old planet Earth will soon be able to purchase Blue Milk right from the shelf, thanks to TruMoo. But we at Nerdist didn’t want you to have to wait that long to know what Blue Milk tastes like. On a galactic mission, we woke up early this morning, flew to Tatooine, and spent all day milking banthas, the Star Wars creature from whence Blue Milk springs. And now we’re ready to report back. Alternatively, we got a preview sip of Blue Milk at a Star Wars consumer products event. Whichever story you’d like to believe, here’s our review of what grocery-store Blue Milk from TruMoo really tastes like.

What Does Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk Taste Like?

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk glass and bottle wide

Of course, we’ve never tasted Blue Milk fresh from a bantha. So we couldn’t say how grocery store Blue Milk compares to the true original. But what we can say is that Star Wars‘ new TruMoo Blue Milk, fresh from the store or, in this case, the big Blue Milk fridge, tastes, well, galactically good. No offense to cows, but not only is the bantha’s Blue Milk a better color than normal milk, but it’s also basically a milkshake.

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk in glass

The official description of the product states that Blue Milk “features natural vanilla flavor.” We fully agree with that assessment. Some vanilla products can taste very artificial, but Blue Milk’s brand of vanilla brings a much gentler flavor. I would say Blue Milk tastes like a very delicate melted vanilla ice cream. The flavor is pleasant but not overwhelming. There’s no aftertaste or cloying sweetness involved. In fact, the vanilla and the sweet quality of the drink fade in and out so that one gets notes of them while drinking, but the sweetness doesn’t build unpleasantly. Blue Milk is very drinkable, and no doubt Star Wars fans of all ages will get a kick out of it. (As you can see, even dark-side dwellers love a glass of Blue Milk).

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk and Darth Maul

In all honesty, I poured a glass to remind myself of the flavor, and I have just continued to drink it until it was gone. So there’s no more glowing review I can offer for Star Wars‘ TrueMoo Blue Milk than that. It’s no wonder Luke Skywalker enjoys it so much. (Among others…)

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk Mando and Ahsoka

Star Wars‘ TrueMoo Blue Milk Nutritional Information

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk nutrition facts two (1)

The Force is strong with Blue Milk. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also nutritious. (At least, it definitely is when compared to most other fannish food items.) The official product description states, “TruMoo Blue Milk is 1% lowfat milk.” Additionally, you can see Blue Milk’s full nutritional information above. It looks like the banthas have infused their milk with some vitamins and a good amount of protein. Good job, banthas!

The History of Star Wars‘ Blue Milk

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk glass and bottle wide

Star Wars‘ Blue Milk first emerged onto the scene in the first part of the franchise’s original trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. In A New Hope, we see Aunt Beru serving Luke Skywalker the now iconic drink. Since then, Blue Milk has emerged in all parts of the Star Wars world, from its movies to its animated series like Star Wars Rebels to its live-action series like Andor to comics, audiobooks, and more.

Over time, we learned that Blue Milk comes from female banthas and is largely available on Outer Rim planets such as Tatooine and Batuu. Blue Milk also became available in our world at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which are located in both Florida’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios and California’s Disneyland. There, Blue Milk is actually made with plant-based products and tastes of fruit.

Naturally, Blue Milk can be made into other products, like Blue Milk cheese and Blue Milk ice cream. We’ll have to wait for those in our world, though.

When Can You Buy Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk at the Grocery Store?

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk darth vader glass and bottle

As mentioned, Star Wars‘ Blue Milk will become available for purchase at grocery stores on April 17. It sounds like it’s the closest approximation yet to the “real” Blue Milk that characters drink on Star Wars, and it certainly tastes good.

Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk and Mando

May the Blue Milk be with you.

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