This New Barbie Collaboration Makes STAR WARS Vogue

Let’s get one thing straight: The fashion in Star Wars rules. From Amidala’s royal outfits to Luke’s all-black outfit, our favorite galaxy knows a thing or two about trends. Now, one of our favorite trendsetters is adding her own creative flair to the outfits of Star Wars. Barbie is adding a spin to the outfits of Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Princess Leia in an upcoming collaboration. 

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Robert Best

In an official blog post about the collection, designer Robert Best gave some insight into the inspiration behind the dolls. For Best, it was important to capture the essence of each character first, then shape the outfit around it. As a result, these Barbies reflect the personalities of their Star Wars characters within modern, trendy silhouettes. 

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Robert Best

The Darth Vader Barbie, for example, wears a sleek black dress and oversized cape. Her sunglasses, mechanical-style choker, and bold red lip gives her a “don’t mess with me,” powerful vibe. Plus, her clutch matches the buttons and gadgets on Vader’s iconic chest plate. This Barbie looks bold, powerful, and dramatic, which is fitting for the story’s original big baddie. 

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Robert Best

Meanwhile, the R2-D2 Barbie sports a fun, futuristic look that captures the eccentric personality of the droid. Her puffy skirt gives her a domed appearance and her blue eyeshadow is reminiscent of R2’s photoreceptor. We also appreciate that R2’s control arms act serve as a corset for this very futuristic outfit. There’s a lot of flair and fun to this modern, mechanical look, which feels perfect for our favorite R2 unit. 

This New Barbie Collaboration Makes STAR WARS Vogue_4
Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Robert Best

Finally, there’s our favorite princess and general, Leia. Best kept the most iconic elements of her look—the all-white gown, space buns, and chrome accents—and elevated them. Leia’s buns now feature braids and are set lower on her head, adding volume and sophistication to the look. Her dress also features big, cape-like sleeves and a large belt to add a dramatic shape to the minimal look. The overall effect is elegant and powerful, just like Leia. 

Each of the dolls is going to cost you a lot of galactic credits. Priced at $100 a doll, you can preorder your own Leia, R2, or Darth Vader today. The dolls will officially ship on November 18, just in time for you to bring yours to the release of The Rise of Skywalker! 

Images: Mattel, Lucasfilm

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