How Many “Bad Feelings” Did STAR WARS Characters Get?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this….” – Everyone in Star Wars.

It’s the most often repeated line in the entire Star Wars saga, and just about every movie and animated show has had one of the characters recite these iconic lines. It all started in back in 1977 with A New Hope of course, which actually had two characters say it out loud. Not only did Luke say it as they were approaching the Death Star, but so did Han Solo in the trash compactor.

Since then, it has become as synonymous with the saga as the Whilhem scream, and limbs getting removed by lightsabers. But just how many times has it actually been said out loud on screen? The official Star Wars Kids YouTube account has finally tallied them all up for us.

You can watch the full video above, and then we’ll unpack the results down below.

Bad Feeling Star Wars garbage smasher


In terms of the film, both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi tie for uttering the phrase twice in the same movie. Every other Star Wars film has someone say it just once. And you might not think you hear anyone say it in The Last Jedi. But you’d be wrong! BB-8 actually does beep it out to Poe in that film. But given the amount of episodes in The Clone Wars animated series, it is no big surprise they win for their amount of “bad feelings.” And it seems so far, no one has used it on Resistance. But season two hasn’t aired yet, so there’s still time!

So who will say it in The Rise of Skywalker? My guess is Threepio. The big worry-wart should be the last person in the Skywalker saga to say it out loud. Give the time honored lines to the one actor who has been in every incarnation of the story. He deserves the honor!

Featured Image: Lucasfilm 

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