All 7 STAR TREK Theme Songs Get a Stellar Violin Tribute

Ever since 1966, Star Trek has been giving audiences a hopeful vision of the future. And that’s something that we need now more than ever. So what better time to create a moving tribute to the franchise’s musical legacy? Across fifty-four years and eight different television series, Trek has  given us some of the most memorable theme music in pop culture history.

Now, the YouTube channel called VioDance has created a violin rendition of every theme in chronological order, called the Evolution of Star Trek Series Music (1966-2020). VioDance consists of DJ and producer Davor Jelacic and classically trained violinist Rebeca Sánchez. They have created several amazing musical tributes to beloved properties over the years. Among them are tributes to Star Wars, Game of Thrones, West World, and more.

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Unlike previous videos, VioDance chose not to shoot outdoors for their Star Trek tribute due to the current pandemic. This however gave them the opportunity to place Sánchez on the bridge of each series’ respective starship with its corresponding theme. For the original Alexander Courage theme music, we find ourselves on the bridge of Captain Kirk’s original Enterprise; followed by the Next Generation bridge for Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic fanfare (which was originally composed for Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979), and so on. The tribute takes us all the way to this year’s Star Trek: Picard theme music by Jeff Russo.

This video tribute only applies to the live-action television series, so the funky Star Trek: The Animated Series theme music from the ’70s didn’t make the cut, sadly. Neither did  the distinctive themes for the films, such as The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, or Michael Giachinno’s score for the J.J. Abrams reboot afrom 2009. But maybe that’s being saved for an entirely different tribute video. That one might be even longer, as there are thirteen different Star Trek films in the canon. Are you up to the challenge VioDance? Because that’s a Trek video that we’d know we’d love to see.

Featured Image: VioDance / YouTube

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