STAR TREK: STARFLEET ACADEMY Series in the Works for Paramount+

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy could be one of the next offerings in the Star Trek universe. Deadline recently shared that the Starfleet-based series was in development at CBS Studios. The series would presently become a part of Paramount+’s offerings. Of course, development means the show still has a long way to go. But Trekkies can dream, can’t they?

After all, there is something special about an academy or college setting. The way everyone has to see one another in class, the different tracks… The close proximity to one another’s dorms. In Starfleet, you can add to that preparing for a life in space, harrowing simulations, and a bucket of other troops that have been thoroughly explored in Star Trek fanfiction throughout the ages. Suffice to say, the potential for a Starfleet series is all there.

Starfleet Academy Kirk and McCoy for the Starfleet Academy Series article
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We don’t know much about what a plot would entail, or who it would star. It is very early days for the Starfleet Academy series. But, if we had our way, we’d see one James T. Kirk in his academy days. We only glimpsed the possibilities in the new Star Trek movies. And honestly, that wasn’t enough. McCoy and Kirk as academy roommates? Spock navigating his ways through planet-side humanity? Perfection. Of course, new characters bring their own charm and appeal. And there are plenty of Star Trek cameos and Easter eggs that could come buried in a show like this, even with an all-new cast of characters.

We will just have to wait and see. We first heard murmurings of this news in August 2020. But now, according to Deadline, the Starfleet series will “be pitched to Paramount+ shortly, and the hope is to get it going in the next year.” Nothing is absolutely official yet, but we will cross our fingers hard that we see this series come to life soon. Can you imagine a Starfleet Academy awkward formal scene?

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