Do the STAR WARS Movies Exist in the STAR TREK Universe?

It’s unlikely there will ever be any Star Wars/ Star Trek crossover epic, at least in live-action form. That sure hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what one would look like for years, though. There is one fan who seems to believe that the Star Wars saga exists already in the Star Trek universe…as en epic work of fiction, beloved by the harsh and militaristic Cardassian Empire.

The fan in question is a YouTuber named  DiamandaHagan, and her video detailing this theory recently popped up again via reddit. In his video essay, which has been causing a lot of fun speculation, she reminds fans how long-time nemeses, the Cardassians, would view the nine-part Star Wars saga as one of their own grand “Repetitive Epics.” These popular novels in the Cardassian Empire are all about the same story repeating throughout the generations. This sure sounds like the Skywalkers to us too.

Although the video is done in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, the logic of it totally holds up, especially with the way characters like Deep Space Nine‘s Garak talk about the Repetitive Epics over the course of the Star Trek franchise. We think he’d probably be a big fan of the Skywalker Saga, given his taste. Of course, the Skywalker Saga isn’t quite finished yet, so it’s possible Episode IX breaks the cycle of repetitiveness somewhat, making the story unpalatable to more stringent and unwavering Cardassians.

While it remains unlikely we will ever see any Cardassians watching holo-recordings of the Star Wars saga for rather obvious reasons, we wouldn’t hate it if perhaps in the novels or the comics, the Cardassians made a reference to that all time great Repetitive Epic, about knights with laser swords and the wonderfully totalitarian Galactic Empire. Sure, it would have to be done in a vague way, but it would be a pretty great Easter egg for fans of both franchises.

Images: Lucasfilm/Paramount 

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