This STAR WARS / STAR TREK Mash-Up is A Nerd Dream Come True

It has long been the great debate among nerd culture: which is the better space-faring franchise, Star Trek or Star Wars? Well, personally I think this is actually a silly debate (just like “Marvel vs DC”), because guess what everyone? You get to like both equally if you want to, or just one, or neither. This isn’t sports, and neither property is going to be duking it out in a stadium any time soon.

But while characters from the 23rd Century and that galaxy far, far away won’t be fighting one another in any forseeable future, it is fun to imagine what it would be like if the two universes ever collided on the big screen.  And now, thanks to, we’ve learned of YouTube user CaptainJZH, who has created the ultimate mash-up trailer which imagines a movie where Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise team up with the Rebel Alliance when the Empire sends the Death Star to Earth.

The “Trek Wars” trailer mostly uses footage from A New Hope  and Return of the Jedi for the Star Wars portions, and many different films from the original William Shatner/ Leonard Nimoy movie series for the Star Trek portions (although there is a brief glimpse of the Star Trek: The Next Generation film First Contact in there).

Right now, it seems unlikely that such a mash-up would ever take place in real life, but at the rate that beloved geek properties have been joining the Disney family lately, I think I’ve learned to never say never.

Having said that, a Star Wars/Star Trek comic book mash-up limited series is totally conceivable, and would probably be a huge hit. So Marvel Comics and IDW, make that dream come true for all of us fans! And let this cool fan trailer serve as your inspiration.

What do you think of this cosmic mash-up? Be sure to let us know your feelings down below in the comments.

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Images: Lucasfilm / Paramount Pictures

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