Ranking Worf’s Hairdos in STAR TREK

There have been many Klingons in Star Trek history, but without a doubt, Worf was the greatest. Ever since he first appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation, he won our hearts with his warrior ways and loyal heart. Through Deep Space Nine, four feature films, and even a cameo as his own grandfather in the final original series movie, Michael Dorn is just the best. But over the years. Worf had some truly tragic hairstyles. And some which were worthy of Sto-vo-kor (that’s Klingon heaven, FYI.) Here, we rank all of Worf’s hairdos, from worst to best.

6. The Kingon Bob (TNG, Seasons 4 and 5)
The Klingon Prince Valiant bob was an unfortunate hair don't.


In seasons four and five of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lt. Worf grew out his hair into something of a straight bob. It looked like the old Prince Valiant comic strips, or something from the old He-Man cartoons. It just looked a little bit too coifed and fussy for this rugged Klingon warrior. This was all during the time he had lost his honor in the Klingon Empire, so maybe he was just going through something.

5. The Original Look (TNG, Seasons 1 and 2)
Worf makes quite the first impression sporting this hairstyle in TNG's first two seasons.


In the first couple of seasons of TNG, Worf had his hair relatively short. This slicked-back look made a fierce first impression. And for many fans, it is still quintessential Worf. The Son of Mogh wore this when he was the Enterprise’s weapons officer, and later, when he replaced Tasha Yar as head of security (and got a fancy new sash). He had many hairstyles as the years went on, but it’s hard to argue that the original look is classic.

4. Old Man Worf (“All Good Things,” TNG Series Finale)
Future Worf goes gray in TNG's finale All Good Things.


In the TNG series finale, the omnipotent Q transverses Captain Picard across the timeline. He goes to the past (hey there, season one Worf hair), and twenty-five years into the future. There, we meet gruff old governor Worf. He’s got long gray hair, in the traditional Klingon style. No longer in Starfleet means he no longer has to conform to Starfleet hairstyle regulations. Now gray, it makes Worf look even more dignified and regal. If and when he returns, we hope we see him looking like this.

3. The Klingon Warrior
Worf with long hair is the character at his most Klingon.


Whenever Worf would leave the Enterprise and goes on a Klingon spiritual retreat or special mission, he would lose the ponytail and let his locks flow free. This happens in the season six episodes “Birthright” and “Rightful Heir.” We think the version of Worf which just lets it all hang out is one of the best. Although we imagine that all that hair has got to get in the way of glorious combat. Keep getting that hair in your eyes Worf, and maybe today IS a good die to die after all.

2. Not Too Short, Not Too Long (TNG, Season 3)
Third season Worf's hairdo was just right.


In season three of TNG, Worf began to grow his hair out a little. Maybe this when hairstyle regulations changed in Starfleet, who knows. This do is in between the slicked-back hair of the first two seasons, and the longer locks of seasons four and on. It’s the sweet spot for Worf’s hair. Too bad he didn’t keep it longer.

1. The Ponytail (TNG, Seasons 6-7, Deep Space Nine, First Contact)
Worf's ponytail look evokes samurai influences on the Klingon race.


I almost never recommend a ponytail for any man. It’s just usually a big no from me. But, on a Klingon warrior like Worf? It totally works. Maybe it’s because it evokes the samurai ways which Klingon culture is based on. Regardless, this is the most regal Worf look. He wears it starting in season six of TNG, and onward through four seasons of Deep Space Nine and four feature films. Once they realized what really looked good on Starfleet’s proudest warrior, they never looked back.

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