Never Miss the Right Buttons with This Copy-Paste Keyboard

We all do it. We go too fast and mess up a keystroke when we’re trying to execute a keyboard function. If only there was a solution, we dolefully sigh. And lo, one appears. This brand new keyboard serves only to help you copy and paste. It may sound silly, but it turns out, it’s something a lot of people want.

This copy-paste keyboard began as a joke, which we first saw on The VergeFor April Fool’s Day last year, Stack Overflow offered its users  the opportunity to purchase a copy-paste keyboard. Every time they tried to copy and paste from the website, a pop-up came up alerting them that in order to copy-paste again they had to buy The Key. The Key was a keyboard whose function included only the buttons to copy and paste.

Copy-Paste Keyboard, The Key with C and V letters


But it turned out that when users discovered the copy-paste keyboard was just a prank, they were disappointed. Many actually wanted to buy the little keyboard that could. So Stack Overflow decided to make the keyboard a reality.

And guess what? People still wanted to purchase that thing. The copy-paste keyboard, also known as the Stack Overflow Key Macropad sold out right away. Now interested parties can pre-order it for December. A perfect holiday gift for the programmer in your life. The Key costs $29. But think of the investment in your fingers?

But the best part? It turns out the copy-paste keyboard can actually do more than just copy and paste. Stack Overflow shares:

Fully programmable, these three keys can do much more than copy and paste. In fact, you can configure them to perform virtually any key command you want.

Not to mention, you can make the keys look cute with key covers. Happy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V-ing. Or is that Cmd+C, Cmd+V. We’ll let you all duke it out on that one.

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