5 Spider-Women Who Could Be in the SPIDER-WOMEN Movie

The Spider-Verse is getting bigger with Sony’s announcement that it’s working on a Spider-Woman-centric animated film focusing on three generations of women with spider powers! So who are these incredible women and what stories will the film likely draw from? We know that it’ll probably include Spider-Gwen, and perhaps her Spider-Verse costar Penny Parker too! But who’ll star alongside them? Well, we’ve got a few ideas and of course we’re going to share them with you right here! From the original Spider-Woman to an ’80s reboot and the alt universe daughter of Peter Parker, there’s a whole web full of potential spider-ladies that could be explored.

Jessica Drew A.K.A. Spider-Woman

The O.G. Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, was first introduced in 1977’s Marvel Spotlight #32. She was invented simply to make sure that no one else took the moniker first, but after her popularity surprised Marvel she was given an ongoing series. Jessica has an interesting origin as she was originally written as a woman who evolved from a literal spider, but that was retconned within five issues, and in current continuity she’s actually a clone of Peter Parker. Her iconic red and yellow costume, flowing hair, and her own animated series have made her a fan favorite and most likely to be the first Spider-Woman to appear on screen! So if you’re looking for a place to get to know her, the 2015 Spider-Woman series by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez is a great place to start.

Julia Carpenter A.K.A. Spider-Woman

A victim of immoral scientific experiments, Julia Carpenter was the second Spider-Woman, and debuted during Marvel’s first massive event in 1984’s Secret Wars #6. Julia fought alongside many of the publisher’s most famous heroes and later took on the mantles of both Arachne and Madame Web. At times she’s been a part of West Coast Avengers and Force Works, but is probably best known for her iconic costume design by Mike Zeck. If you want to see Julia at her best, picking up Secret Wars is probably a good jumping on point.

Anya Corazon A.K.A Arana A.K.A Spider-Girl

This mystical member of the Spider-Fam was introduced in 2004’s rebooted Amazing Fantasy. She’s a likely addition to the Spider-Verse as she’s another young, intelligent, and energetic hero who has a particularly interesting origin. After getting mixed up in a battle between two magical secret societies and almost dying, she’s brought back to life by a Spider-Mage. She later took on the mantle of Araña in her own titular series Araña: The Heart of a Spider. She was recently a big part 2014’s Spider-Verse comics event, which is a great place to get to know her. It also makes her our number one pick to join Sony’s ever growing animated universe.

Cindy Moon A.K.A. Silk

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Cindy shares her origin with Peter, as in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 it’s revealed that when Peter was bitten by the radioactive spider it also bit Cindy before it died. Cindy was trained by a man named Ezekiel, and years later she met Peter Parker. The pair have fought alongside each other and also shared a brief romantic relationship, and Cindy was also a part of the recent Spider-Verse and Spider-Women comics, the latter of which we think will likely be the inspiration behind the new film. She’s one of the most exciting additions to spider-canon and we’d love to see her brought to the screen.

Mayday Parker A.K.A. Spider-Girl of the MC2 Universe

Originally just a character from one of Marvel’s iconic What If comics, Mayday was Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson’s teenage daughter. She exists only in a near future alternate universe, and in an unusual origin for Marvel’s heroes she gained her powers genetically from her father. Mayday’s popularity was so much that she received her own ongoing series. Her stories have been filled with Spidey history, with her first costume being Ben Reilly’s controversial suit, and her main antagonist being the grandson of Norman Osborn. As we know, the spider-verse is happy to take from multiple realities. So we think it’s pretty likely we’ll see Mayday sooner rather than later. If you want to find out more, grab The Amazing Spider-Girl.

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