Uncle Ben’s Gravestone Is a New Mod in SPIDER-MAN REMASTERED

We recently told you about the mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered that allows for players to swing around New York as Stan Lee. Thought that was out of left field? Thanks to Comic Book, we’ve discovered that there’s a mod that’s even weirder. Because now you can play as Uncle Ben’s gravestone instead of as Peter Parker himself. The mod offers players the option to “become Uncle Ben himself.” And yes, it sort of does that? We guess it’s a classier, less gross option than “zombie Uncle Ben.”

The Uncle Ben gravestone mod for Spider-Man Remastered.

The morbid mod came to life (so to speak) thanks to a user who goes by Saphire. Another user later uploaded it to the  Nexus Mods site, named HomelanderSoldierBoy. (Guess someone’s a big fan of The Boys). The only image we saw on this mod’s page displays the gravestone for Uncle Ben with an inscription they displayed in the game itself. One which gives Uncle Ben’s year of death as 2010. This puts the game’s Peter Parker at about thirty years old, assuming he was about sixteen or so when the spider bit him. The gravestone is actually an asset in the game.

Players are going to need the SMPCTool mod installed if they want to use this Uncle Ben gravestone. If a player’s got Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered via Steam, then that’s all they’ll need. Now, here’s what we want to know. When is someone going to make a mod for Aunt May? And we’re talking comic book Aunt May. From back when Marvel artists drew her as if she was 150 years old. Long before the days of young Aunt May in the MCU. That’s the mod we want to see in Spider-Man Remastered. Ok, that and Ms. Lion, Peter Parker’s Llahsa Opso dog from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Explore the whole Spider-verse, we say!

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