NO WAY HOME Stars Surprise Fan at Children’s Hospital Over Zoom

In the MCU, MJ and Ned might not remember Peter Parker anymore. But in reality, the actors who portray them are thick as thieves. And together, they do their own (admittedly less dangerous) heroic acts. Case in point, when the trio of Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon paid a virtual visit to a patient named Adrian at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Young Adrian is a huge MCU fan, and after at first being in shock at seeing his heroes on his laptop, he quickly got over it and started asking lots of questions. You can watch the full video below:

The video is only three minutes long, but they filled it with adorable heartwarming moments. The very first thing Adrian does is ask for secrets from Spider-Man: No Way Home. (They clearly shot this before the movie came out). As Jacob Batalon says, “he went straight for it!” Adrian didn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. But when you’ve got the Spider-Friends on the line, you’ve got to at least try to get the goods. Unfairly, Adrian had to wait just like the rest of us. At least he was honest and said, “I don’t have patience, so I can’t really wait.”

Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Jacob Batalon, Zoom with a young fan at Children's Hospital LA
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Nothing was cuter though than Adrian asking which Marvel movie was their favorite. Tom Holland quickly said Captain America: Civil War. Which makes sense, as that was his first time out as Spidey. Adrian quickly said he couldn’t watch that movie, because seeing the heroes fight each other made him too upset. (We totally get that). He also asked a lot about the villains in No Way Home. We have a feeling he was happy about how they turned out.

This video is a perfect showcase for how much of a positive impact people can make when they just take the time. Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob? You’re all good people. And it’s amazing of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to make this all happen for one of their patients. But we think the genuine hero residing in that room was Adrian. Now, someone send him a proper Spidey costume. We think he deserves one.

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