Spidey’s BFF Ned Transports into ‘Take On Me’ Video and It’s Perfect

One of the most iconic music videos of the early MTV era was a-ha’s “ Take On Me.” Sure, the song itself is catchy as hell. But it was the video that made it legendary. The “comic book meets real-life” concept from the Norwegian band was groundbreaking for the time. They might have never had another big hit in North America again, but this one video landed them in the pop culture Hall of Fame for all time.

Now, someone has taken one of the Spider-Man franchise’s most beloved characters, Ned Leeds, and plopped him right into the “Take On Me” video. And it somehow feels like they always meant it to be. You can watch the hilarious video from YouTuber Chiptuner right here:

We think Ned’s sudden unconsciousness at the end was the perfect way to end this video. MCU fans know that moment originated in the scene when Not-Nick Fury hits him with a tranquilizer dart in Far From Home. We just hope Ned is okay. Just remember, he knows some Sling Ring magic now. So we expect he can portal himself out of the black and white comic strip world with ease.

Chiptuner seems to have a bit of a Ned Leeds obsession. Their channel has videos showcasing Ned as Deadpool ( Nedpool), and Ned vs. the Hulk. He even has Tobey Maguire’s Spidey dropkicking him. Although we don’t think he would ever do that. They’re all friends now after all. One big happy Spider-family. There’s even Ned vs. all three Spider-Mans in Wii basketball.

Spider-Man's BFF Ned Leeds finds himself in the classic a-ha music video Take on Me.

Look, weird as it all is, we’re always here for more of Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds. Now that he knows magic (kinda) we hope he shows up in a future Doctor Strange sequel. “Magic Ned” is a better character trajectory than “ Hobgoblin Ned.” Let’s just skip that, please.

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