First Official Look at SPIDER-MAN’s Stealth Suit in FAR FROM HOME

In the MCU Peter Parker is currently a loose collection of dust somewhere on Titan, but we’re confident we’ll see him return to the land of the tangible in Avengers 4. Marvel probably wouldn’t have already filmed his sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, unless that was the plan, because if he’s not actually in it and it will be even weirder than Venom. We’re especially confident Tom Holland will be back as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man though, now that we’ve seen his new suit from the film. Ahead of CCXP, Brazil’s Comic Con Experience, the first official look at the new, stealthy Spidey suit has hit the web. Previously we’d only had blurry glimpses of it from photos taken on/near the set, but now we’ve had a chance to study it in far more depth. Which getup from the comics does it most resemble? And what does the color scheme say about what kind of story could bring Spider-Man so far from home?On today’s Nerdist News host Jessica Chobot takes a look at what we can learn from Peter’s newest suit, which has a special-ops feel to it. It also features some technological advancements. Is Peter doing work for Nick Fury and a revamped S.H.I.E.L.D.? Did he get those upgrades from them or possible Tony Stark? What does it all mean for the film’s plot?[brightcove video_id=”5976545928001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]It’s going to be really nice to have Peter Parker back in our lives. We didn’t take his dusting very well. We’ve struggled just thinking about it. And even though we knew he was filming a sequel, seeing he has a new suit still makes us feel better. Although, technically in these pictures the suit is empty…Well, that’s still better than seeing a Spider-Man urn or Zip-Lock bag.What do you think of this new suit? Do you like the look? What about the direction for the film it hints at? Tell us in the comments section below.

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