What the SPIDER-MAN Set Pics Reveal About FAR FROM HOME

Warning: There are potential spoilers ahead about Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Dust off your web shooters, because Spider-Man is back in action! Although Avengers 4 is still about ten months away, Marvel and Sony are already in production of the next film in the MCU. As Tom Holland recently revealed, the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is called Spider-Man: Far From Home. The first set pictures live up to the title by sending Holland’s Spidey to England, and today’s  Nerdist News has every detail we’ve gleaned from the new set pics.

Join guest host and the seventh member of the Sinister Six, Hector Navarro, as he slings a few webs to bring you the intel. Marvel’s Kevin Feige has already indicated Far From Home will take place during the summer with Peter Parker and his friends on a European trip. Naturally, Feige and company are still being cagey about when it takes place in the MCU timeline, but post-Avengers 4 is the most likely choice.

On their own, the new set pictures don’t reveal much beyond Holland’s presence alongside a few crew members. The real clues lie in what they were filming. Apparently the recently spotted shoot was in an abandoned building. But why this abandoned building? That’s a set that could be easily recreated on a sound stage. If the production team has Holland ready to film on location, then the location itself may be an important aspect of the story. However, we can only speculate at this point.

Are you looking forward to Spidey’s European vacation? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel/Sony

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