The Best Moments from the SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Press Tour

Good ‘ol Spidey will be back in action July 2, 2019 with Spider-Man: Far from Home, and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the occasion, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from the Far from Home press tour.

The Cast Surprises Guests at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park

Since Marvel’s under the Disney brand, we’re used to seeing our favorite MCU heroes pop up at Disney events, like D23. Disney decided to spoil us this time by setting loose Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Jake Gyllenhaal in Disneyland! At Disney’s California Adventure theme park, guests met Tom Holland in the Spidey suit. Behind the camera, Jake, Zendaya, and Jacob fed Holland posing suggestions. Later, the whole gang joins in on the photo ops fun. Seeing unsuspecting fans react to their reveals? Priceless.

Jake Gyllenhaal Scares Tom Holland During an Interview

There’s something devilishly fun about watching others get scared. Considering how often Jake gets scared on Ellen, it’s nice to see him dish it this time around. Part of the fun is watching Jake set up the scare, asking Tom his fears, before he yells at him. Watching Tom jump in defense and jokingly say, “I don’t like Jake Gyllenhaal” makes it all the more fun.

We Learned How Spider-Man Drinks in His Suit

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tom was asked about how he drinks water in the Spidey-suit. Holland pops out Spidey’s left eye, which then allows him to thread a straw from a water bottle into his mouth. Holland’s gotten good at this apparently, fitting both gum and Kit-Kat bars through his eye hole on multiple occasions. Zendaya also mentioned a video she snapped of one kid looking particularly perturbed about Spidey’s drinking habits. Check out Tom’s explanation around the 6:00 mark in the video below.

Tom Holland Accidentally Ghosted Robert Downey Jr.

Tom Holland, who went toe-to-toe with RDJ in his first film as Spider-Man, takes his relationship with Iron Man pretty seriously. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Holland recalled a particularly traumatic story involving a call from RDJ. Holland remembers getting a FaceTime request at 2:00 AM and promptly hanging up. The next morning, he checked to see who it was—lo and behold, it was RDJ. Labeled as “The Godfather” in his phone, Holland sent an apology text and panicked about him responding for the rest of the day. 

Jake Gyllenhal’s Rant About Cabbage Patch Kids and Benedict “CabbagePatch”

It seems that the more we see Jake Gyllenhaal during the press junket, the weirder he gets. In this excerpt from a recent interview, Jake Gyllenhaal is frustrated about the lack of discussion around Cabbage Patch Kids and Garbage Pail Kids in today’s culture. Gyllenhaal further elaborates their importance, explaining that Benedict Cumberbatch, referred to by Gyllenhaal as Benedict CabbagePatch, is a famous actors thanks his Cabbage Patch-founding great-grandfather. Part of the fun is watching Tom trying to figure out what in the world Gyllenhaal is talking about. Gyllenhaal ends his rant with a correlation between Cabbage Patch Kids and the rise of MCU’s “Dr. Strangé.” Sounds like something we might need to debunk on Explainiac.

Zendaya Debuts MJ-Inspired Red Hair in London

We already loved Zendaya for her cynical, sharp-witted take on teenage MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, we’re falling even deeper in love with her thanks to the Far from Home press tour. During a photocall at the Tower of London, Zendaya debuted her new red locks, nearly breaking Instagram with over three million likes. She even captioned the look with “Face it, Tiger:” a quote from MJ to Peter from the original Spider-Man comics.

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Pure Love for Sean Paul

Are you on Jake’s team for loving Sean Paul? On BBC Radio 1’s game, “Unpopular Opinion,” Gyllenhaal gushed about Sean Paul’s musical talents after a listener called in, saying the musician was “overrated.” Besides seeing Gyllenhaal animated about Sean’s work, we also got some great soundbites from Tom and Jake. Tom claimed that he didn’t “peg Jake as a ‘Cheap Thrills’ fan,” and Jake let out his best “braaah” during “Cheap Thrills.” Oh, and Sean Paul is a big fan of Jake, too. To see Jake gush about Sean, make sure to start watching at the 3:00 mark. 

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon Do the WIRED AutoComplete Interview

WIRED’s AutoComplete interviews are becoming increasingly popular—I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal did one with Ryan Reynolds a while ago! We’re so glad more of the Far from Home cast were asked to answer our burning questions about them and Spider-Man. Talking points include Tom’s penchant to spoil, how Spidey deals with running out of web fluid, and Zendaya’s flexibility. Also…does anyone else find it weird that Tom is freaked out by the little pieces of paper?

Tom Holland & Jacob Batalon Get Starstruck During Their WatchMojo Interview

This recent interview was a great reminder that celebrities get starstruck in front of their favorite stars, too. During an interview with WatchMojo, the list-ranking YouTube channel, Holland and Batalon shared their love for the show. While Batalon gushes about watching their top tens all the time, Holland launches into his impression of the introduction to every WatchMojo video. To their surprise, their interview, Rebecca, is the WatchMojo voice! Holland immediately asks Rebecca to do the introduction for the gang. Rebecca obliges, and both Holland and Batalon erupt in squeals of excitement. Same guys, same. You can check out their mini freakout at the beginning of the interview, below.

Jake Gyllenhaal Cuddles Puppies While Playing With Puppies

Back in 2018, Buzzfeed got Tom Holland to play with puppies while answering our burning questions. In 2019, we were lucky enough to get Jake Gyllenhaal playing with some good ol’ pups for the Far From Home press tour. Between juggling pups on his lap and answering questions about Tom Holland and his filmography, Gyllenhaal exudes his usual, quirky charm. Our hearts broke in two when the shocked Gyllenhaal learned one of the puppies knew what Donnie Darko was about. Besides the cute puppy squeals, it’s great to learn more about Gyllenhaal’s experiences and insight into the industry.

Tom Holland’s Crazy Workout With Jake Gyllenhaal

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tom Holland made us seriously consider adopting some more doggos. Soon after, he solidified his status as one of the Internet’s many boyfriends by sharing a traumatic workout story he had with Gyllenhaal. While in China for press, Gyllenhaal invited Holland to work out with him. Being the competitive person he is, Holland obliged and suffered a grueling workout under Gyllenhaal’s guidance. The result? Holland couldn’t walk to his interview later in the day! 

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland Stretch Out Their Acting Muscles with LADbible’s First Impressions

For two actors, Jake and Tom aren’t very great at doing impressions. For their LADbible interview, both Holland and Gyllenhaal flounder when trying to figure out how to do impressions of animals and actors. Tom not knowing what “freestyle” means in the game leads to a pretty funny and pretty good freestyle rap we weren’t expecting! We can’t get enough of these two goofing off together.

Peter Parker Picks Up His Spidey-Suit From the Cleaners

Superheroes are people, too! In this Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch, Peter Parker stopped by to pick up his Spider-Man suit from the cleaners. Kimmel, as the inquisitive cleaner, barraged Parker with a variety of questions concerning the suit damage. Parker manages to lie his way out of suspicion, convincing Kimmel that in reality, he’s just an uber-famous influencer.

Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Go to the Premiere Dressed as…the Roxbury Guys?

Tom Holland was already serving some looks at the premiere in his all-maroon suit and fashion glasses, but Jake didn’t come to play. Gyllenhaal also rocked a minimal colorscheme, this time in teals and greens for his character Mysterio, and accessorized it with a gold chain. Once the two were photographed together, the similarity clicked—our new favorite duo had an uncanny resemblance to SNL‘s the Roxbury Guys. You know, the head-bobbing, “What is Love?”rocking dudes? We can only hope they’ll show up as Hans and Franz at another event. 

The Stark Kids on the Red Carpet

We still get misty-eyed when we think about Peter without Tony, but we full on cry when Morgan crosses our mind. If you aren’t already a puddle of tears, these photos of Lexi Rabe, who plays Morgan, with Tom Holland, will break your heart into 3000 pieces. Sporting Spider-Man’s red and blue, Rabe met up with Holland to chat and snap some photos at the world premiere. The two together was a touching reunion of Stark’s kiddos (real and surrogate) and was, frankly, too pure for this world. We can’t wait to see Peter become a full-on big brother to Morgan in the MCU.

That’s not all that happened on the press tour, though! Check out Tom Holland and Tom Hanks screaming at each other about coffee, Holland and Chris Hemsworth “interviewing each other” , and Tom admitting he thought  Endgame‘s final scene was a wedding.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios, Disney

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