SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Drops 3 World-Traveling Posters

When Tom Holland suggests that he has something to share with the world, you brace yourself. You figure that he’s about to tweet out the final 10 pages of the Avenger: Endgame script, or a candid recording of a top secret Marvel Studios board meeting.

Such is why our hopes and expectations soared sky high when, on Thursday, March 21, Tommy boy tweeted: “Monday morning.” Surely he was at the very least about to unleash a Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer unto the world. Alas, ’tis not a trailer that we find ourselves with, but three new posters, debuted on the actor’s personal Instagram page. And given Holland’s penchant for, you know, spilling high-grade secrets, we’ve got to wonder what exactly these pieces of art are hiding.

The most obvious revelation in this trio of shots of Peter Parker surveying the most dazzling corners of Europe is that of his new Spidey suit. But does Peter’s placement atop the skyline of London, above the canals of Venice, and on the streets of Berlin tell us something about the direction his next, presumably post-Snap adventures—or, perhaps, adventures in a timeline where no such Snap ever even Snappened (after all, it’s not like Sony hasn’t done due diligence getting us used to the idea of alternate universes in the Spider-Man world)—will take? We might need to break out our old global history textbooks to devise a theory for this entry. Or at least rewatch National Lampoon’s European Vacation a few times.

What are you trying to tell us, Tom?

Images: Sony

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