Anti-Procrastination Smart Glasses Will Ruin Your Day

Its not always easy being productive in the 21st century. Sometimes our own distractions distract us. For instance, when we’re looking at one screen only for our phone to draw away our attention. But now one company has a new way to help you stay on task. They’ve created smart glasses that use AI to monitor what you look at. And they can even provide a reminder to stay focused.

Auctify, Inc. of Toronto, Canada is currently running a KickStarter campaign (which we first learned about at The Verge) for its “productivity boosting smart glasses” called Specs. They promise to “supercharge your focus, eliminate distractions, and condition your mind to operate at its best” by eliminating procrastination entirely.

“Specs are smart glasses that use computer vision and heart rate biosensors to track your productivity and alert you in real time when you’re going off task. Using a system of strategies created under the advisement of expert neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, Specs help make procrastination a thing of the past.”

Anti-Procrastination Smart Glasses Use AI to Help Focus_1Auctify, Inc.

Specs come with a small camera in the frames. Machine learning then identifies what you’re staring at—from screens and people to books and the sky—-and sends the data to a connected app. You can then use the collected information however you prefer. Pie charts provide an easy to understand breakdown of what you’ve looked at for the day. You can also use the app’s “focus sessions” to give your attention to specific tasks. And the glasses can even tell you via visual and audio clues when you’re looking at something you don’t want to be.

Thanks to small sensors you can also use Specs as a fitness tracker, to listen to music, and make calls. They will also work for both prescription and non-prescription eyeglass wearers. And Specs come with a number of lens options to suit your specific needs.

Production is scheduled to begin this December, with glasses starting to ship in January 2021. You can currently back a single pair for as low $239, although there are also options to order Specs to keep the whole family on task.

Featured Image: Auctify, Inc.

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