Space Mountain Board Game Brings the Cosmic Adventure Home

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When you think of the Disney theme parks, aside from the castles, one icon probably springs to mind: Space Mountain. The indoor roller coaster is one of Disneyland’s and Magic Kingdom’s signature attractions. For over four decades, the line queue has never gotten shorter. Now, the folks at Ravensburger are unleashing a new board game based on the legendary ride, Space Mountain: All Systems Go. The game features art from all five Space Mountain attractions from around the world and is now available everywhere. You can check out several far-out images below.

The Space Mountain: All Systems Go game board

In Space Mountain: All Systems Go, players take on the role of pilots who adventure to the furthest reaches of space. To complete their mission and win the game, players must visit all five Starports. They must do so while zipping over wormholes, avoiding asteroids, performing daring twists around flying comets, unknown planets, and more.

Chris Leder and Kevin Rodgers were the game’s designers. Included in the game are standees of all five Space Mountain attractions from Disney Parks around the world. The game’s components also nod to fan-favorite parts of the ride. These include a “Launch Bay” dice tower and four colorful rockets.

Although Walt Disney passed away before they constructed Space Mountain, it was one of the last rides he oversaw development for. The first Space Mountain opened in 1975 in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World resort. A second, smaller version opened in Disneyland in the summer of 1977 (that was a very intergalactic summer). Now, it’s impossible to imagine a Disney theme park without a Space Mountain of some kind.

Space Mountain: All Systems Go featured

The game is suitable for two-to-four players, ages 8+, and plays in roughly 20 to 40 minutes. Space Mountain: All Systems Go is now available for $29.99 MSRP at major retailers and local game stores.

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