Disney’s Developing a SPACE MOUNTAIN Live-Action Film

We’ve seen Disney launch a massively successful franchise from their Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, with the hopes of similar success with the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the classic roller coaster Space Mountain is next in line to get the live-action film treatment. Its script is being developed by Joby Harold, writer of the upcoming Disney+ Obi Wan series, as well as Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

Space Mountain launched its high speed adventures at Walt Disney World in 1975, becoming an instant hit with park guests. Two years later, Disneyland in California got its own version. That version opened the same summer as Star Wars took the world by storm and in the queue you can see the words “ Space Station ’77” on the walls. So it’s fitting that the Disneyland attraction gets a “Hyperspace Mountain” Star Wars-themed makeover on occasion.

So just how do you make a movie about a ride that has no human characters to speak of? Heck, no alien characters either! That means you pretty much have a blank slate. You can reconfigure almost any existing sci-fi script concept, and then set it on a space station that looks like a big mountain in space. The only requirement for fidelity to the ride experience is that we need scenes of lots of people together screaming. And maybe people waiting in long lines. One of the only things we do know about this movie right now is that this it’s being intended for a theatrical release and not for Disney+.

Space Mountain at dusk

Disney Parks

During Halloween season, Space Mountain is retrofitted into “ Ghost Galaxy,” with spooky alien creatures projected inside the ride. That is a possibility for those who are developing the story. But we have a feeling they are going to keep to the classic aesthetic of the attraction for this film. You never know. If it’s successful, Space Mountain 2: Ghost Galaxy is a surefire sequel idea. But first, let’s hope the first one is worthy of the legendary attraction.

Featured Image: Disney Parks

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