SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Sequel Officially Announced

After all the debate about whether his design looked right or not, and fans demanding that he be changed, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie went on to become a solid box office success earlier this year. (Yes, that was this year. Seem like a million years ago though, right?) Well, for everyone who liked the big screen version of the classic Sega video game character, you’re in luck. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures and Sega have confirmed that development on a sequel to is in the early stages, with Jeff Fowler directing, and Pat Casey and Josh Miller penning the script.

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Paramount Pictures

Although it was only released back in Feburary, Sonic the Hedgehog made most of its $146 million dollar box office theatrical take in just the few short weeks before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and thus became one of the first Hollywood blockbuster to debut on digital much earlier than they normally would have. But its early digital release was likely very lucrative for Paramount. No wonder they hope to capitalize on Sonic’s newfound popularity while he’s still fresh in the minds of kids everywhere.

No cast members are confirmed to return yet, but we can imagine that voice actor Ben Schwartz will almost certainly return as the voice of Sonic, and likely so will his co-star James Marsden. But will any of the other original cast members from the first film come back? Or will the little blue furball make a whole new group of friends and enemies in the sequel? Friends and enemies that might come much cheaper than pricey co-star Jim Carrey perhaps? That all remains to be seen. We also don’t know which other video games the sequel will channel. There’s no release date given for Sonic 2, but don’t expect this one earlier than 2022.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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