Son Has Dad Recreate Every STREET FIGHTER Pose in Great Silly Video

You never realize how agile Vega really is until you see an older man try to recreate his back flip celebration. Well, try as best as he possibly can. Nick Luciano seems to be making a habit of recording his father reenacting video game characters and some of their signature animations. For this one he had his father, Mike, go through the winning taunts and celebrations of all of the Street Fighter characters, with wonderful absurdist results. This is as perfectly silly as you’d imagine, and it is because of the sincerity of the effort from the father. While some of the poses don’t offer much of a challenge beyond just smugly crossing your arms and staring down your defeated opponent, some are a little bit more complicated, and as a result make this a pretty great little video.

No one character worked better (worse?) for this than Dhalsim. Forget the post-match floating, because while still funny to see ole Mike trying to sit Indian-style on a folding chair, watching him do the crab-walk, swinging arm taunt was the absolute highlight of the entire endeavor. It also looks like a pretty good workout. Previously Nick had his dad go through over 50 Super Smash Brothers animations.
The man is committed to his craft. Also, video games characters are not humble. Act like you’ve been there before, you know? [mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”kMt1Bv8VBu0nfXL0zQB0sRWX2GtPzaA_”] What are some other video games you’d like to see Nick and Mike work on next? Plug in to our comments section below and nominate your favorites.

HT: Mashable
Image: Capcom, YouTube/Nick Luciano

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