New Sneakers Actually Interlock with LEGO Bricks

LEGO fans are intense fans. So much so, that some of the more serious LEGO builders out there have entire rooms in their homes dedicated to their builds. But why just play with LEGO bricks, or have dedicated rooms, when you can actually wear them? Via Sneaker News, we’ve learned that very soon, you can do just that. Say hello to Adidas’ Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates Shoes.

These new Adidas sneakers allow you to carry your love of LEGO everywhere.

Adidas / LEGO

Adidas is debuting a pair of adult sneakers with a customizable Ultraboost cage, allowing the wearer to slot actual LEGO plates in. This gives it the true feel of the world famous building bricks. This new sneaker comes after the highly praised collaboration between LEGO and Adidas back in September 2020. Then at the end of last year, LEGO and Adidas announced the formation of a long-term partnership. And this is the result.

A few footwear products produced by the two companies have come out since they announced their creative partnership, but the latest is by far the coolest. Simply because LEGO and Adidas’ newest shoe is an Ultraboost sneaker with actual toy block-compatibility. So it’s not just something that evokes the aesthetics of the LEGO brand, it’s the real deal. A total of 144 2×2 LEGO plates are included. You can read the official description for the new sneaker down below:

How the new Adidas Ultraboost sneakers appear prior to the addition of LEGO bricks.

Adidas / LEGO

“If you can dream it, you can build it. Just look at adidas Ultraboost shoes. They changed the game in 2015 with their responsive Boost midsole, foot-hugging adidas Primeknit upper and striking style and continue to drive running technology today. This pair features LEGO brick 3-Stripes to celebrate of all the builders, dreamers and risk-takers who are changing the game in their own way. Step in and dream big on the pavement. Your best run ever starts with that first step.”

You can order the Ultraboost LEGO sneakers from the Adidas site for $200, starting on April 8.

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