Stop-Motion Short Whips Up a Tasty LEGO Cake From Scratch

As you might have noticed, a lot of strange things happened in 2020. That included how we suddenly had to worry that anything and everything could actually be cake. Enjoying that sculpture of Bruce Willis’s John McClane from Die Hard? That’s cake. Want to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee? CAKE. The whole thing was bizarre. We’re still walking around wondering if shaving cream is really frosting. But at least we don’t have to be skeptical about this stop-motion short, because it shows from start to finish that this sweet treat isn’t cake at all. It’s LEGO.

The YouTube channel tomosteen showed how they whipped up a delicious chocolate cake (which we first came across at Boing Boing). Typically a regular chocolate cake isn’t worthy of such attention. But this foodstuff is because it isn’t actually edible. It’s stop-motion animation made with “many photos.” Rather than milk, eggs, flour, and sugar, it relies on LEGO pieces. When combined with plenty of patience and clever editing, they become a tasty visual treat. It also doubles as a soothing audio one too. This short also doubles as LEGO ASMR.

A knife pretending to cut through a chocolate cake made of LEGOtomosteen

If you want to dig into even more LEGO stop-motion animation, you found the right YouTube channel. Previous installments include a triple layer cheesecake, churros, french toast, pork cutlet, and more. Like the latest video, which builds a Japanese breakfast that is making us legitimately hungry.

If you know anything about us, though, you won’t be surprised that our favorite is this delightful Halloween dinner short. It’s more than just a meal. It’s a spectacular spooky experience.

If you’re inspired to try making your own LEGO stop-motion shorts, make sure you don’t actually cook your plastic bricks. Some of these might look like cakes, but thankfully they are not.

At least, we’re almost positive they aren’t. After last year we can never be totally sure.

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