Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Made With Windows XP Sounds Might Break Your Brain

For nearly twenty years, Smash Mouth‘s signature song, “All Star,” has been hanging around in the back of our heads. From its appearances in Mystery Men and Shrek, to various internet memes, there’s just no escape. Now, “All Star” has been recreated with the sounds of the dead operating system known as Windows XP, in a new mashup that is somehow simultaneously nightmarish and catchy.The “All Star” Windows XP video was created by James Nielssen, and it starts off innocuously with some of the more annoying XP sound effects and the return of our old friend, Clippit (or Clippy) from Word, who is the star of his own famous memes. From there, the familiar notes of “All Star” play out, with Clippy plastered over the face of Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell.As much as we came to despise Clippy’s presence on our old computers, there is something amusing about the way that the Clippy in this video begs viewers to “please end my suffering.” And yet, after seeing Clippy’s face all over the place in this video, maybe we’re the ones who need a quick and merciful end. Perhaps sensing that hearing the XP sounds for the full length of Smash Mouth’s original “All Star” music video could threaten our collective sanity, Nielssen made the wise decision to wrap up the clip after only a minute and four seconds.What did you think about the “All Star” Windows XP mash up? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: James Nielssen

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