Giant Ferrero Rocher and Skittles: Dream Candy or Nightmare?

Look, I might—might—be eating too much candy during quarantine. And also too much ice cream. And cake. But even I have my limits. A new video proves there are some treats even I don’t want. Not because they aren’t delicious though. Because they are literally too much for anyone to eat. I don’t care how much you love candy. You can’t eat an 80-pound Ferrero Rocher and seven-pound Skittles.

At least not in one sitting.

The YouTube channel Troom Troom Food made some truly gigantic versions of popular candies. First they constructed a homemade massive Ferrero Rocher chocolate that is 50 times bigger than a normal version. It’s made with 28 pounds of milk chocolate, 20 corn waffles, 4 pounds of hazelnuts, 2 pounds of sugar, 2.5 gallons of fatty confectionery cream, and 4 pounds of butter.

Just reading that recipe puts you at a higher risk of diabetes.

Gigantic Skittles and Ferrero Rocher_1Troom Troom Food

Yet somehow it’s the humongous DIY Skittles that seem even more ridiculous. Each one is about seven pounds and measures roughly 140 times bigger than a typical Skittles. These behemoths are made with 13 pounds of powdered sugar, 6 pounds of corn syrup, 10 ounces of citric acid, and 6 pounds of chocolate glaze. (3 different colors all weighing 2 pounds each).

If these Skittles aren’t in violation of the Geneva Convention they should be.

Gigantic Skittles and Ferrero Rocher_2Troom Troom Food

Troom Troom Food provided instructions for making both and you can find them below. And just in case you do plan on making these candies here’s a link to help deal with your sugar addiction.

Because I don’t care how long we’re in quarantine, even a sweet-lover like me know this is too much of a good thing.


Maxi Ferrero Rocher

  • Cut waffles in 8 parts. Melt chocolate. Coat the bowls with vegetable oil. Then coat each piece of waffle with chocolate and cover both bowls with it. Let it harden. Apply another layer of chocolate on top of the waffle base. Make another layer from the waffles. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  • For the ganache we pour cream in a pot, heat it up to 140 degrees F and add 6 pounds of chocolate to it. Stir it all the time. Add butter. Fill each half with it so it’s a bit higher than the middle. Put a little bowl in the center and keep on filling in the remaining space.
  • Melt sugar in a pan until you get caramel. Put in hazelnuts and stir it fast. Coat two bowls with vegetable oil beforehand and put the nut mass in them. Join them together, let it cool, and take out. Put the nut in the ganache hole, pour in more ganache, and even it out. Join.
  • Mix nuts with melted chocolate and pour a lot of it on top.


  • Put powdered sugar in a big container. Add corn syrup, citric acid, and mix it till you get an even consistency.
    Divide the mass in a few parts and sprinkle it with a lot of powdered sugar. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Copy with all parts of the mixture.
  • Melt chocolate glaze. Join the halves. Coat the mass with the glaze and let it harden. 

Featured Image: Troom Troom Foods

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