Watch SHOCKTALE PARTY’s Season 2 Premiere with Puppet Horror Hosts

Get ready to be scared… but in a good way. Season two of Fun Size Horror‘s Shocktale Party is almost here, just in time for Halloween. The anthology series puts different horror filmmakers in the spotlight to tell a collection of weird, spooky, and wild horror shorts. And to kick things off in style, Fun Size Horror is celebrating with a watch party featuring season two’s filmmakers and also puppet horror hosts Mistress Minerva and Screwball. Yes, you read that right. Puppet horror hosts.

Shocktale Party debuted at Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles in 2019. Then season one premiered on Amazon Prime. Season two is following suit. Mistress Minerva (voiced and performed by Teline Guerra) and Screwball (voiced and performed by Jack Bennett) introduce each episode. Then each installment focuses on thematically linked shorts from various filmmakers. It’s like having a sampler platter of horror and what’s not great about that?

Shocktale Party watch party flyer

Fun Size Horror

Filmmakers and films featured in Shocktale Party’s five episode second season include:

Anisa Qureshi (The Lover)
Elwood Quincy Walker (Kissed, Trick)
Glen Murakami (Let Me Go)
Jean Balest (La Buena Muerte)
Kyle Tague (Closed Loop)
Lucas Amann (Peopling)
Mali Elfman (Do You Believe in Ghosts, Loop)
Jack Bennett (Good Night)
James Mansell (The Unsettling, NightmARes, Ruptured)
And special guests Bill Whirity (Geek Garage) and Jon Schnitzer (Haunters)

Puppets in Shocktales

Fun Size Horror

The spookiness begins on Saturday, October 24. You can join the premiere watch party at 7pm PT/10pm ET. Queue up the show on Amazon Prime. Follow Fun Size Horror on Twitter and Instagram and keep tabs on the #ShocktaleParty hashtag. Plus you can use that hashtag to submit questions. Mistress Minerva, Screwball, and the filmmakers will all be around to answer your questions. And so will the cast and crew, including Fun Size Horror creator Zeke Pinheiro. It will be a lovely way to safely celebrate the Halloween season from the comfort of your home.

Featured Image: Fun Size Horror

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