This Adorable Shiba Inu Sleeps in Food-Themed Beds

Here’s a fun snack if you’re craving something rich in adorableness: “Charmy” the Shiba Inu trying out different food-themed beds. In the videos below, we see Charmy as she tries out just a sampling of all the food beds she’s ever tested. Although take into consideration that watching these videos will make you hungry. And put you in the mood to buy a Shiba Inu.

It’s unclear why Charmy’s owner decided to watch her try out faux food beds, but there’s no doubt the internet loves it. Laughing Squid recently reported on the five-year-old Shiba, who has starred in multiple viral videos. Including the one immediately above, in which Charmy tries out a bed that looks like a cup of noodles. (As of this writing, the video has garnered 3.7 million views.)

Charmy, who loves people, “sweethearts,” and massages, tries out a hot-dog bed in the YouTube video above. “Charmy becomes a hot dog in a hot dog bed,” Charmy’s owner says in the video’s (translated) description. It’s Charmy’s style “to hang out, get caught, chill out, or get into a hot dog…” the description adds.

And while Charmy has tried out a bevy of snack-tastic beds, there’s not one she seems to dislike; at least after a period of warming up to it—which makes a lot of sense in regards to the noodles. (Wordplay and happy dogs are how we’ve survived 2020, by the by.)

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It is, of course, extremely difficult to pick a favorite Charmy video, especially since all of the pup’s videos are ridiculously cute, not just the food-related ones. But the one of Charmy dressed up as a deep-fried tempura in a cup of noodles certainly whets the appetite for some canine cuddles. As well as for some deep-fried tempura.

Watch Charmy the Shiba Inu try out different food-themed beds for your daily dose of cuteness.

Shibainu Charmy

Feature image: Shibainu Charmy

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