Every Time SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Breaks the Fourth Wall

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is essentially a delightful sitcom with superheroes and villains. The show follows Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, as she balances her life as a lawyer with being a Hulk. One element of She-Hulk’s comics that carries over into the television series is her penchant for breaking the fourth wall. We see Jen Walters break the fourth wall fairly quickly in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s first episode, and the trend continues throughout the series. So, in honor of Jennifer Walters acknowledging our existence as viewers, let’s take a look at all of the moments where she breaks the fourth wall in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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She-Hulk breaking fourth wall with bruce hulk
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Spoiler Alert

She-Hulk Episode One Fourth Wall Breaks – “A Normal Amount of Rage”

Welcome to “This Fun Lawyer Show”

Jennifer Walters talks directly to the camera after a conversation with her co-workers, which initially looks like she’s talking to us. She runs her closing argument by them for a case she’s working on before her paralegal Nikki casually mentions her being a Hulk. Jennifer then turns directly to viewers to confirm this news, saying that she will get us up to speed so we can properly focus on “this fun lawyer show.” This is where we get her origin story of Bruce’s blood dripping into her open wound following a car accident, causing her to be a Hulk. 

He Doesn’t Mean That

After much fighting and arguing during Jennifer’s unwilling “training to be a Hulk session,” Bruce begrudgingly decides that he is okay with letting Jen resume her life. She-Hulk turns to us once again breaking the fourth wall and saying “he doesn’t mean that” to Bruce’s annoyance and surprise. 

She-Hulk’ Origin Storytime Is Over

We come back to Jen once again as she affirms she went back to her life, revealing the truth to Nikki and her family. According to her, Bruce was wrong and she was right about being able to balance being a Hulk and an attorney at law. The lawyer show is back but things quickly go awry in the courtroom when Titania causes Jennifer to reveal her She-Hulk powers. 

jennifer walters as she-hulk looks off camera while standing on a beach with the sun setting
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She-Hulk Episode Two Fourth Wall Breaks – “Superhuman Law”

Oh Dear…

Jen is with Nikki at their local watering hole and about to enter a bar/room with dozens of people chanting She-Hulk. As we know, she isn’t thrilled about the name but, as Nikki says, she has to “give the people what they want.” Before entering, Jen gives us a hilarious “sigh” of a look. 

Is This Why They Hired Me? 

Jen gets the surprise of her life with a job offer to work at GLK&H. But her excitement quickly fades when she realizes that they didn’t hire her, but rather She-Hulk to be the face of their new superhuman law division. She-Hulk feels like a freak on display (and that’s fair) and breaks the fourth wall to gripe about why they brought her on. 

A Quick Ha

Jen calls up Bruce to let him know that she’s taking on Abomination’s case. He says he’s fine with it because he too is a different person now. Bruce congratulates her and she looks into the camera  for a quick “ha.” This one kind of has a double meaning. First, Jen is probably a bit skeptical that he is totally cool with this idea. But the bigger ha is that Hulk is literally a different person. As we know Edward Nashton was originally in the role before Mark Ruffalo took it over.

Jennifer Walters She-Hulk looks into camera and laughs while on the phone fourth wall break
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That Sucks

But wait, there’s more. Abomination escaped from prison after talking to Jen and was videoed in some sort of fight club. She ends the episode by saying “that sucks.” And yeah, she’s right. 

A Subtle Glance

No one is more hype about Jennifer having powers than her dad. She’s outside lifting a vehicle while he directs her cousin on how to fix a tire issue. Jen doesn’t talk to us but instead gives us the briefest glance of exasperation ever. 

She-Hulk Episode Three Fourth Wall Breaks – “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”

Can’t Wait to See Wong 

Yes, Jen knows we cannot wait to see Wong. Again. That’s why she literally takes her hands off the wheel to lean over and chat with us directly. She assures us that this won’t be a cameo every week type of show. But…so far… it is. And that’s totally cool because we know it is She-Hulk’s show. 

Connecting the A/B Story 

Jen jokes to the camera about how her A story of defending Abomination and the B story with Dennis and him supposedly thinking he was dating Megan Thee Stallion (lollll) comes together perfectly. Pug shows up while she’s having drinks with Nikki and asks how the heck they were able to deal with Dennis being, well, Dennis. 

megan thee stallion and she-hulk twerking together in episode
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Wait…Did He Give Me an Idea? 

After Dennis winning his case (and a delightful appearance from Megan Thee Stallion), Jennifer is shocked that Pug gave her an idea. But shhhh that fourth wall realization will stay between us and She-Hulk. 

She-Hulk Episode Four Fourth Wall Breaks – “Is This Not Real Magic?”

You Look Happy

Jen greets us in the episode, saying we look happy because Wong is back. She’s right, btw. Everyone loves Wong and it will give the show a boost on Twitter. Almost as much of one as when she twerked with Meg Thee Stallion in last week’s post-credits scene. 

Perfect Match(er) 

Lest we forget, Jen is a single girl looking for someone to take her out. She makes her profile on Matcher and posts it before looking at us and saying “perfect.” We hope she finds the guy that she’s looking for. 

Wong, I Guess

Wong comes to She-Hulk asking for help with Donny Blaze, a guy who is stirring up trouble with his half-baked “magic.” She asks Wong to leave his info, which he does magically before leaving in a huff. She-Hulk gives us a quick “well, that was a moment” fourth wall-breaking shrug before getting back to work. 

She-Hulk’s Dating Plan 

She is not proud of this. But when you really want a date, sometimes you go to extreme measures. Like creating a Matcher profile for your superhero self. It is, according to her, demoralizing but she does get what she asked for. A slew of dates. Terrible ones but hey. 

she hulk looking into camera while holding cell phone
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Is There Anything Worse Than Dating in Your Thirties?

That is a good question, She-Hulk. And the answer is probably no. (I personally have no idea nor do I want to find out. The bar is in hell out here, apparently.) But it seems she struck luck with the last guy. 

A Little Shirt Toss Never Hurt Anyone

Ahh yes. Jen gives us a sly grin as she tosses the aforementioned good date’s shirt behind her couch. Gotta make sure he can’t find it. And it looks like they are heading to second base until Wong ruins it temporarily. But she finds those bases later on…

Hot Doctor Letdown 

…only for him to run out on her the next morning. Hot doctor is indeed a cliche. 

A Bummer Way to End This Episode

Jen affirms that the ending of this episode sucks in a She-Hulk fourth wall break. Why? Well, Titania has trademarked her superhero name and now wants her to stop using it. Wowww. 

She Hulk Episode Five Fourth Wall Breaks – “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured Into These Jeans”

I’m over it…I really am. 

Titania has not only trademarked She-Hulk, she’s gone full Fenty Beauty with Jennifer’s superhero name. Her makeup and skincare line is all over the place and she’s racking in cash. She-Hulk watches Titania thank her loyal “Titaniacs” before turning to the camera and saying “I’m over it…I really am.”  

Stares After Initial Court Process 

Titania and She-Hulk are going head to head in court once again. But this time the fighting is only verbal. It turns out Jennifer’s very public disdain for the She-Hulk name is potentially her downfall, giving Titania and her lawyer a one up on them. Things aren’t really working in her favor and she stares into the camera after the judge dismisses them from the room. 

Jennifer Walters smiling into camera in she-hulk episode 5 fourth wall break
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Finally Besties with Mallory (Or Not)

Jennifer asks Mallory, whom she clearly admires, out for a drink. And when Mallory accepts, she gives us a tiny moment of celebration. The drink date goes pretty well until Jen gets a little overzealous, but with her new wardrobe, they will hopefully kindle a friendship. 

Oh Yeah My Clothes 

After Mallory tells Jen her clothes are terrible for the millionth time (she’s not lying) and walks away, Jen looks into the camera and says “Oh yeah! My clothes” before finally going in to see what Luke has made for her.

She-Hulk Episode Six Fourth Wall Breaks- “Just Jen”

Yes, It’s a Self-contained Wedding Episode 

So, you thought you were gonna see She-Hulk’s supersuit and maybe Daredevil this week, huh? Wrong. Jen’s high school friend Lulu is getting married and she’s somehow roped into being a bridesmaid. Even though they aren’t friends anymore. Jen admits that this wedding is happening at an inconvenient time during the season because that’s how weddings always are. 

Didn’t Want to Show Up as Just Jen 

Lulu is jealous of She-Hulk taking attention on her wedding day and tells her to not be Hulk-y at the wedding. She-Hulk then looks into the camera and is sad because she actually wants to be a green ray of sunshine at this wedding. But she can only be “Just Jen” this time.

photo of she-hulk at wedding in episode 6
Marvel Studios
What Is She Doing Here? 

This is sort of a fourth wall break slash “sike, she’s looking at her nemesis” one. Jen is at a pre-wedding event when she looks at the camera in horror. Why? Well, Titania walks in and its going to be a mess. We see that with their big fight but little does Jen know that she’s got bigger problems on her radar.

She-Hulk Episode Seven Fourth Wall Breaks – “The Retreat”

What Is HE Doing Here?!

Jen is so focused on her heartbreak and subsequent healing that she only talks to us directly one time this episode. But it is a good one. She’s at Emil Blonsky’s “healing ranch” and meets his group of villain-ish folks who want to be better people. However, a guy appears who instantly makes her break the fourth wall. It is Wrecker, a member of the group who attacked in several episodes ago. Apparently, he’s turned a new leaf. Jen even instructs the production powers-that-be to conjure up a “previously seen” cutaway to remind us who the hell he is. Perfection.

She-Hulk Episode Eight Fourth Wall Breaks – “Ribbit and Rip It”

Oh, Sh*t!

She-Hulk treats us to some more Marvel swearing. When Jen Walters hears that her new client wants to sue her tailor, she has a mental record scratch and turns to the audience for support. We don’t blame her, finding a good outfit that fits is a rare gift. This definitely merits a She-Hulk fourth wall break.

We’re All Feeling This, Right?
Daredevil and Jen on She-Hulk
Marvel Studios

She-Hulk and Daredevil make a love connection in She-Hulk‘s eighth episode. And we get to share Jen’s joy as she turns to the audience to break the fourth wall in excitement. “We’re all feeling this, right? It’s not just me?” Jen asks the audience. We definitely are feeling it.

Enraged Silence

She-Hulk goes to see Todd, the terrible tech bro with a She-Hulk fetish, and he continues to be the worst. As he prattles on with some seriously awful nonsense, trying to defend his stealing from Wakanda, She-Hulk gives us a look. It’s the same look we’re wearing.

She-Hulk’s Fourth Wall-Breaking Monologue

She-Hulk really goes for a fourth wall break in the final moments of this episode. As the episode winds down, the tension begins to build. Jen sense something is coming, but can’t tell what exactly. Shouldn’t the episode have ended on a triumphant note? Jen says ominously, “Is next episode the finale? Oh, just liked a tacked on set-piece near the end of the season? This is the big twist, isn’t it? But the question is, is this the kind of twist that is like, ‘There’s another Hulk but this one is red.’ or like ‘I’m getting fridge?'” Well, hopefully not the latter.

She-Hulk Episode Nine Fourth Wall Breaks – “Whose Show Is This?”

I’m Just Getting Screwed Over 

Poor Jen is down bad. She got what she initially wanted (to not be the She-Hulk anymore) but thanks to Intelligencia she lost her job and can no longer transform into She-Hulk to avoid legal action. She talks to us for a while as she tries to contact Hulk and Emil Blonsky to no avail. Finally, she lets up know that she’s going back to Blonsky’s ranch for solace.

This Is Not Gonna Work Right? 

It’s no secret that Jennifer is not happy with the finale at this point. She discovers Todd is HulkKing and watches in horror as he injects himself with her blood. Jen turns to us with incredulous eyes, wondering if he’s really going to Hulk out.

Jennifer Walters from she-hulk fourth wall break looks directly into camera
Marvel Studios
The Biggest Break of Them All

Jen is very aware that she’s in a TV show. And when the finale got way too chaotic, she took matters into her own hands. In the biggest break of the show, Jennifer smashes her inhibitor, turns into She-Hulk, and literally leaves her show to head over to Marvel Assembled. We abruptly leave the action and watch her go head to head with the writers’ room and their leader K.E.V.I.N.

When Are We Getting X-Men?

When you get the attention of the Marvel boss, you ask the right questions. Jennifer goes on about why there are so many daddy issues in the MCU to K.E.V.I.N.’s chagrin. But the best question of all is when asks about the X-Men before breaking the fourth wall and giving us a knowing smile.

So, that’s it for Jennifer and her fourth wall breaks! It’s been a great time with this fun lawyer show. If we can believe what was said the finale, we should be getting a season two at some point with more fourth wall breaking fun.

Originally published on August 18, 2022.

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