New SHAZAM! Trailer Shows Off the Lighter Side of the DCEU

Springtime is a great time to be a superhero. In 2019, we’re getting three back-to-back months worth of action-filled content, starting with Captain Marvel this week and culminating with Avengers: Endgame in late April. But wedged in the middle is another superhero film we’re eagerly anticipating: Shazam!

With every new sneak peek, the Zachary Levi-starring flick looks more and more fun. That’s certainly true of this second full-length trailer, which shows the highs and lows of being a teenage superhero in a grown man’s body.

We’re not used to seeing DC Extended Universe films be this unabashedly joyful, but we’re honestly digging every choice in this trailer. Levi is nailing the part of Billy Baston, a 14-year-old foster kid who is gifted powers that transform him into a godlike adult when he utters the name, “Shazam!” Cue Eminem’s 1999 rap hit, “My Name Is.” (Turns out, the ’90s are also a big part of 2019 superhero movies.)

This new trailer doesn’t do much in the way of plot spoiling. Instead, it focuses largely on Billy and his foster brother Freddy ( It‘s Jack Dylan Grazer) as they test out the former’s new powers: super-strength, electricity manipulation, hyper-speed. They also take full advantage of Billy’s new adult form, buying beer at a convenience store. Freddy also workshops the name Captain Sparkle Fingers, to Billy’s annoyance. Brothers, ya know?

We do get our first big look at Mark Strong’s villain character, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, an inventor who was also summoned by the wizard Shazam as a child. The best part of the trailer comes when Billy throws a Batman doll at Sivana, a bit of in-universe humor that really works for us.

We’re sure there’s even more fun to be had when Shazam! hyper-speeds its way to theaters on April 5.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures

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