CAPTAIN MARVEL Introduces Us To Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero

It’s only a few months until Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie hits our screens. Captain Marvel will be a massive deal no matter what angle you come at it from, it’s Oscar winner Brie Larson’s first superhero flick, it’s one of the first MCU movies released after Thanos’ notorious snap, it focuses on one of Marvel’s most iconic villains the Skrulls. After the release of a stunning  new poster yesterday which definitely lived up to Carol’s other moniker, Princess Sparklefists, we’ve got a glimpse at a new trailer which debuted during Monday Night Football, and it is incredible.

Action-packed and promising a whole lot of alien butt-kicking, we finally a backstory for Carol who was apparently saved by the Kree and turned into a “Noble warrior hero.” It also gave us our first on screen look at the Skrulls, as well as proof that the old lady Carol punches is a actually a shape shifting alien!! If you’ve been excited for outer space battles and ’90s costumes then you’ll be very happy with this new sneak peek as it’s filled with both. Eagle eyed fans probably noticed a very familiar cat too… We also get a better look at young Samuel L. Jackson, and how he comes to meet Carol Danvers. It’s an exciting introduction to the character that Kevin Feige has been saying will be “the center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” going forward, and it will undoubtably have fans even more eager for the film which crashes onto screens on March 8, 2019!

Images: Marvel, Disney

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