Rock Out to 2 New SHAZAM Soundtrack Bops (Exclusive)

You don’t need to have a strange encounter with a kooky cave wizard in order to feel energized and electrified. Simply listen to these two brand new tracks from the Shazam! soundtrack and start your day on a simply super note!

In a sea of comic book movies, stories about spandex-clad superheroes can feel like a dime a dozen, but  Shazam! is one of the freshest offerings in ages. With an incredibly charismatic cast led by Zachary Levi and Asher Angel, Shazam! basically gives Big a superhero makeover, telling the story of troubled teenager Billy Batson who finds himself transformed into a towering beefcastle (Zachary Levi) imbued with superhuman abilities when he utters a simple word: “Shazam!” (You probably could have guessed that in hindsight.) Already amassing rave reviewsShazam! feels like a throwback to the adventure and fantasy films of the 1980s, thanks in no small part to the outstanding score from composer Benjamin Wallfisch (Blade Runner 2049, It).

Wallfisch’s soaring score fills you with the kind of joy, optimism, and infinite possibility that Batson must feel when he first transforms into a musclebound man of action. In advance of the film’s release, Nerdist has an exclusive preview of two tracks from the official soundtrack, which is available from WaterTower Music on April 5. Working once more with his Annabelle: Creation collaborator, director David F. Sanberg, Walfisch has created a 29 track score. Today we have a particularly enjoyable duo for you: the film’s main theme, as well as the adrenaline-fueled strains of “Fight Flight,” which is track #25, so you know it happens during a pivotal moment between our hero and the sinister Dr. Sivana.

But don’t take my word for it; listen to these selections from Benjamin Wallfisch’s thundering score for yourself:

You can put Shazam! in your eyes and the soundtrack in your ears on April 5. Read our review! You can pre-order a copy of the soundtrack on digital and CD now.

Images: Warner Bros/New Line Cinema/WaterTower Music

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