No One Will Eat Shauna’s Baby on YELLOWJACKETS, Actually

Buzzz, buzzzz, buzzzz, Yellowjackets fans. We will soon return to the remote woods where our band of girls are discovering their connection. While others think they are lost, we actually believe it is the place where they discover their true selves. And, that road to discovery is going to be a wild one with Lottie-led worship gatherings, blood, and apparently cannibalism. But, for those who think that Shauna’s baby is on the menu, think again. The girls will not eat Shauna’s baby in Yellowjackets season two, according to an Entertainment Weekly profile featuring the show’s actors. That’s right. Let us repeat. No one is eating the baby on Yellowjackets.

Shauna holding a knife on Yellowjackets while pregnant. The baby will not get eaten on Yellowjackets

In the piece, actress Tawny Cypress, who portrays all-powerful and wolflike Tai, confirms that there are a few lines that the show will not cross. One of those is eating Shauna’s baby. So yes, we will see the Yellowjackets survivors eating human flesh but not in this kind of way. Seems like they need some coach-sized meat to satiate their hunger. Still, that leaves us wondering what happens to the baby on Yellowjackets, since that child is obviously not the daughter Shauna has in current times.

Showrunner Jonathan Lisco reveals that cannibalism won’t be the “worst” thing that goes down in those mysterious woods, though. It is hard to imagine what, exactly, that would be, given that baby-eating is off the table for Yellowjackets. But we shall discover the answer to that statement and our many Yellowjackets questions when season two hits Showtime on March 24.

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