Shanghai Disneyland Set to Reopen on May 11

The stateside Disney theme parks are remaining closed for the foreseeable future. But one of the international parks is on its way to reopening very soon. According to their quarterly earnings call, via CNBC, Disney is getting set to reopen its Shanghai Disneyland Resort on May 11. The park was one of the first to close, and has remained so since January 25. Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and the Disneyland Hotel in Shanghai already reopened back in March. This will be the first Disney theme park to reopen after COVID-19 pandemic forced closures.

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But just because they are reopening, don’t expect things to just go on as they did before the coronavirus pandemic hit. During the earnings call, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek said “We will take a phased approach with limits on attendance, using an advanced reservation and entry system, controlled guest density using social distancing and strict government required health and prevention procedures. These include the use of masks, temperature screenings and other contact tracing and early detection systems.”

The real question now becomes this – can Disney’s other theme parks have a similar reopening in a few months time? Could Americans handle the same level of restrictions when going to Disneyland and Disney World as the Shanghai patrons? It is one thing to wear a mask for a quick trip to the store, or for a walk. Now imagine having to wear on for hour upon hours during a hot day. And also then imagine the length of lines for a single ride when everyone has to stand six feet apart. It sounds a lot less magical.

Disney theme park fans are a loyal lot, especially those who own annual passes. But even they are going to have a hard time enjoying themselves under these conditions. It might be best to keep the parks closed until a vaccine is ready, or until the curve has significantly flattened. But one way or another, it won’t be too long before a decision is made about reopening the other Disney theme parks as well.

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