Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Duets are a Total Delight

Jurassic Park stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum will all return to fight prehistoric animals together in Jurassic World: Dominion. But we don’t even have to see the movie to call this reunion a success. Even if the whole thing bombs like the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs it was totally worth it, because it has led to Neill and Goldblum teaming up for a couple of delightful piano duets that we would spare no expense to see them take on the road.

Neill posted a wonderful video to his Twitter account of him and Goldblum doing a fun, loose, and genuinely pretty rendition of the American songbook classic “ I Remember You.” The song was originally recorded in 1942. And this Jurassic Park-inspired rendition wouldn’t have felt out of place back then.

Goldblum, who in his free time also dabbles as a jazz musician, provided backing vocals and intermittent commentary for Neill’s lead vocals, in a performance that could have easily taken place in a smoky underground jazz club full of people who know they’re cooler than everyone else.

The pair followed that up with another #JamWithJeff. They sang the classic standard, “ September Song.” It originally debuted on Broadway in 1938’s Knickerbocker Holiday. And we smell a revival in the works.

Neill says Goldblum “flatly refuses to rehearse” before recording, so each of these videos captures the first time they sang them together. But that’s a big part of their allure and charm, as both are performing off the cuff. (Neill can keep a straight face through Goldblum’s ad-libbing because he’s a professional.)

This is the rare case where we’re glad they didn’t think about whether or not they should, they just did.

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Now, do we expect to see Doctors Ian Malcolm and Allan Grant crooning together in Jurassic World: Dominion? No, but that’s okay. Just filming the movie together made these duets possible in the first place. And that means the movie is already a success.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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