Ryan Reynolds Gets Disturbingly Swole in New FREE GUY Ad

The promotion for Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming movie Free Guy have been, well….very Ryan Reynolds. First, there was his most recent promo for the movie, where he reprises his role of Deadpool, along with the MCU’s Korg. He’s now followed that ad up with something even weirder. Goodbye Merc with the Mouth, say hello to DUDE. Yeah, just “DUDE.” He doesn’t have a catchphrase yet, so his catchphrase is just “catchphrase.” This super swole version of Ryan Reynolds‘ character now stars in his own (mildly disturbing?) ad for Free Guy.

You can watch the whole ad right here:

Just seeing Ryan Reynolds’ face CGI-ed onto a mega-ripped body is unsettling enough. But then DUDE talks, and it’s kind of worse? But worse in a good way. DUDE talks about how ripped he is, and how his workout routine consisted of maybe one week total. All it took was a “protein bomb” made of actual human muscle. Totally organic of course.

Ryan Reynolds also “goes there,” so to speak, joking that his youngest daughter with Blake Lively (fathered while in DUDE form of course) was born as a full grown adult. And also wearing shoes of course. We can only imagine the embarrassment that kid is going to feel when they’re old enough to see this ad. Yikes.

Ryan Reynolds as Free Guy's super buff character DUDE.

20th Century Studios

Of course, there’s the obligatory Deadpool reference. DUDE says that he simply is too buff now to fit into that red and black costume. But such is the price of a body built like that of Hercules. (We still want to see him try to fit into the suit though). We’re not sure how big a part the disturbing yet hilarious DUDE has in the actual movie, but the ad has pretty much sold us on him.

We’ll see DUDE in all his glory on the big screen when Free Guy hits theaters on August 13.

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