Ryan Reynolds Introduces a Giant Bottle of Gin

Ryan Reynolds, the myth, the legend, the star of Just Friends, is exceptionally good at making commercials. Just recently, for example, Reynolds narrated a brief, yet hilarious, ad for Hugh Jackman’s coffee. Now, the actor has come out with a new ad starring himself, for the Homeschool Edition of his gin. And by Homeschool Edition, we mean it is a jumbo-sized bottle of booze. It’s the kind of bottle 2020 demands.

Laughing Squid picked up on the above commercial just released to Reynolds’ YouTube channel. The ad features the Deadpool actor showing off a 1.75 liter (nearly half-gallon) bottle of Aviation Gin. For those unaware, Reynolds is co-owner of Aviation. Although he and his partners recently sold the brand to the British multinational beverage alcohol company, Diageo, for a cool $610 million.

Ryan Reynolds shows off a jumbo bottle of gin

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds says in the brief ad that this Homeschool Edition of the gin can help with “new math” (a change in the way teachers taught the subject in American grade schools between the ’50s and ’70s) and fourth-grade geography. This particular bottle of gin’s also good for “revisiting your own long-forgotten middle school traumas,” which is a good thing?

Along with this one, Reynolds’ other Aviation commercials are worth a watch. The one above, for example, spoofs the whole “Henry Cavill CGI mustache” story. And the one below features some of the most heavily bearded employees ever to be employed beating the juice out of juniper berries. They also mist citrus fruits with Reynolds’ tears in the early morning.

Those who are interested in a jumbo bottle of this gin (and who are also 21 and over and drink responsibly) are looking at a $60 price tag. But this one bottle looks like enough gin to get you through a decade or two. That’s about a month in 2020 time.

Featured Image: Ryan Reynolds 

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