Magical Process Turns Rusty Nail into a Tiny Sword

For his latest video, Texas-based artist and YouTuber Bobby Duke turned a rusty nail into a tiny sword. The process, which is reminiscent of weapon-making in Lord of the Ringsalbeit without all the elves and dwarves—is shown below. And while the sword doesn’t glow blue when orcs are around, it does have swooping curves even genuine Lhang sword makers would appreciate.

According to Duke’s video description, the artist found a large, rusty nail in his backyard. Naturally, he turned it into a little sword. We watch a dramatic replay of this seminal event in the beginning of the video, and it’s just as spectacular as you’d expect. There’s also a lot of “guy running around in flip flops” action, if that’s your cup of tea.

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Working off a simple drawing on paper, Duke heats, hammers, and hones the rusty metal spike into a fine blade. It’s small enough to be perfect for… hamsters? Or maybe it would work as a letter opener. It would certainly be a lot of fun to unsheathe a small sword every time a letter from grandma arrived.

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Duke hasn’t discussed any of his upcoming projects on his Twitter account, but judging by his past work, we should expect more everyday objects to be morphed into gorgeous little sculptures and trinkets. Duke has created plenty of other small swords out of everyday items, but that’s not his only talent. He’s crafted incredible sculptures out of stuff like billiard balls and pencils. And what this garage-based Leonardo da Vinci can do with trash is downright inspiring.

Rusty nail turns into a sword

Bobby Duke Arts

What do you think about Bobby Duke transforming this rusty nail into a sword? Would you be willing add a tiny blade like this to your miniature Middle-earth arsenal? Shape your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image: Bobby Duke Arts

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