Russia’s FEDOR Robot Can Dual Wield Pistols and May Be Going to Space

In what is apparently an endeavor to mash up the Terminator, Cylons, and Counter-Strike, the Russian government has trained its potentially spacefaring robot, FEDOR, to dual wield real handguns and do the whole shoot first, ask questions later routine. Russia’s deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, hit Twitter with a video of FEDOR in action, and below we see it (at about the 1:02 mark) delivering two full clips from its dual handguns into a bunch of targets. Because the only thing that can protect you from an alien with a gun is a robot with a gun. Apparently.

The clip, which comes via Mashable, shows off a demonstration of several deadly robots that Rogozin says are going through “Shooting exercises as a method of teaching the robot to set priorities and make instant decisions.” He adds that “We are creating AI, not Terminator.” Even taking those sentiments into consideration, the fact remains that this is a robot, it has two hands, it can fire two guns simultaneously, and it can’t show emotion because it doesn’t have eyebrows. Which makes the case for it being benign difficult. But there is more to this robot than meets the eye.

It seems that the core function of FEDOR (which is an acronym for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is to serve aboard the ISS beginning in 2021. Sergei Khurs, director of Russia’s National Center for Technology Development and Basic Robotics, told Russia Beyond the Headlines, “In their work onboard spacecraft, during spacewalking missions and on other planets, astronauts will rely on robots.” FEDOR is also capable of many other actions aside from rockin’ dos Glocks, including walking, using tools, lifting weights, and driving. Why, here FEDOR is now on his way to kill John Connor  run some errands for you.

Rogozin says that FEDOR’s fine motor skills are being improved, although the below clip of the wonky bot showing off his myriad capabilities inspires less fear than it does gentle encouragement. Although Skynet had pretty humble beginnings as well…

What do you think about FEDOR? Is he going to serve his meatbag masters well, or can you envision him getting revenge on behalf of Atlas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / Inside Drop

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