This Rube Goldberg Device Feeds You Breakfast on a Conveyor Belt

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s also the one you have to make before the caffeine has time to kick in so it’s not always a success. The YouTuber behind Joseph’s Machines automates the first meal of the day in the video below, with the help of a conveyer belt, some tools, and a lot of toys. While it undoubtedly took him ages to set up and get right, it is actually efficient, feeding him a multi-course breakfast in under two minutes. Who doesn’t want to start their day with flapping avocado toast, a coffee roller coaster, and the world’s largest pastry?

The machine undoubtedly makes a mess. One part of the meal, a green smoothie, flows freely from a blender with a newly drilled hole in it. But the conveyer belt also wipes his face periodically. We’d love to see more bloopers and find out how many blenders he went through to make the video.

A man sits while a conveyer belt passes with a blender of green smoothie and a large pastry
Joseph’s Machines

The Joseph’s Machines YouTube channel includes many other extremely silly and slightly dangerous builds, like one for passing a bottle wine down the dinner table that takes almost four minutes from start to finish. He’s also used the conveyer belt build before. The previous version fed him dinner, garnering over six million views. It included a hairdryer blowing salad into his mouth and a toy truck spinning corn on the cob. He also had some friends try it out, showcasing how much practice it must take to get every step right. 

While other breakfast machine creations exist, we’re not sure any actually make the job easier. There are LEGO builds that crack eggs and cook pancakes, even flipping them. Even if you’re not crafty enough to build one of these wild concoctions, you can still LEGO-ize your brekkie with a waffle iron that builds bricks

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