Building Brick Waffle Maker Will Let You Play With Your Food

“Don’t play with your food!” Every kid has heard a frustrated adult say that before. They’re the same grownups who also warn “ breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But what if the best way to ensure your children start their morning off right is by encouraging them to literally play with their food? That’s a fun option parents are going to have soon, thanks to the first ever Building Brick Waffle Maker. It won’t just cook up delicious fresh Belgian waffles. It will create edible bricks you can stack on top of each other to build a meal that also doubles as playtime.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker from Waffle Wow by Cucina Pro is a new Kickstarter campaign (which we first heard about at Gizmodo). It touts itself as “the world’s first home and kitchen small appliance gadget that grants small and big kids alike permission to play with their food!” Just like a normal Belgian waffle maker, all you have to do is make your favorite batter and pour it in. But it doesn’t make a single square waffle. The machine’s unique plate is broken up into smaller individual pieces in the shape of LEGO-like building blocks. They have studs on the bottoms and indentations on top so you can securely interlock pieces.

They blocks come in single, double, and four stud pieces. That offers a nice variety for creative minds to build anything they can imagine…before they destroy it with a fork. Because no matter how good your (literal) waffle house looks, waffles are at their best when they are consumed.

Building Brick Waffle Make Will Let You Play With Your Food_1Cucina Pro

The campaign has already reached its funding goal. Production will begin later this year. The waffle makers should then start shipping in August. You can get yours for a pledge as low as $50. Higher levels up to $100 also feature additional plates with other shapes. That includes an entire stud base plate. You can use that as a foundation for your own waffle construction.

That’s important. Because it turns out you can play with your food. And when you play with your breakfast it really is the most important meal of the day.

Featured Image: Cucina Pro

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