This LEGO Contraption Can Cook a Whole Breakfast

Cooking a basic breakfast is pretty easy, at least compared to preparing most other foods. It’s hard to mess up eggs and bacon in a skillet on the stove top, and as long as you don’t have your toaster set to “burn it” mode, toast is also a snap. Pour yourself some orange juice and coffee and boom, that’s a breakfast. Let’s say, though, it’s Saturday morning, and after a long week of punching your time card, you’re just not into the idea of standing up for 20 minutes and cooking, but you still want that delicious payoff. Here’s the good news: You can get a robot to do it (via LaughingSquid)!

YouTube user The Brick Wall is responsible for this dose of loveliness, and his creation uses motors and other elements to form a pair of machines that can make a complete breakfast, which they describe as “probably the most challenging project so far.” The whole build is something to admire, but there’s one component that’s the most praise-worthy: the egg cracker, which…cracks eggs. It’s a lot more impressive that it sounds, because think about how difficult it must be to achieve that level of finesse using LEGO components. And from where I’m watching, I can’t see a single shard of shell make its way to the pan, so bravo.

Is this your favorite LEGO creation ever? Did you realize it was possible for breakfast to get any cooler? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured Image: The Brick Wall

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