ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE Returns in First Promo for New Movie

So many classic ’90s Nickelodeon series have returned with new stories the last few years that we should probably bust out our old Starter jackets and scrunchies to watch all of them. Between the reboot of All That, a new Hey Arnold movie, and an upcoming live-action Rugrats return–not to mention all of our favorite series being available to stream–it’s been a nostalgia-fueled Renaissance of our most beloved childhood shows. Now, one of the most endearing characters in Nick Toon history is back, too: our favorite wallaby from Down Under, Rocko. Only this time he’s not the most under-appreciated citizen in O-Town, he’s everyone’s hero for bringing notoriety back to the city. And that’s the problem in the first look at the upcoming film Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, because you can’t have a nice quiet day when everyone is screaming for a piece of you.

Netflix shared this first teaser for the film on Twitter (which we came across at EW). In it Rocko, who has apparently saved the whole town, is being interview inside Conglom-O about his adoring fans. When he gets outside, the throngs of screaming admirers pick him up in celebration, as he yells he just wanted his “show back.” Another stressful day for him (what else is new?), but the news ticker at the bottom might give us a clue as to what he saved everyone from.

“Schlamo energy drink under investigation for in toxic waste spill. Responsible for mutated badgers.”

Could the original comic book Rocko’s Modern Afterlife released earlier this year–where Rocko helped save O-Town from a zombie horde–be connected to the energy drink and toxic waste spill? We won’t have to wait much longer to find out, when the film premieres on Netflix on August 9. Though we did wait a long time for this promo.

Nickelodeon initially announced a new Rocko’s Modern Life movie, which is being helmed by original creator Joe Murray, in 2016. The show’s original voice cast is back too: Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko, Spunky, Leon), Tom Kenny (Heffer, Chuck, and Really Really Big Man), Mr. Lawrence (Filburt Turtle, Maitre D), Charlie Adler (Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, Mr. Dupette, Grandpa Wolfe, Mrs. Fathead), Linda Wallem (Aunt Gretchen, Dr. Hutchinson), Jill Talley (Nosey), and Joe Murray (Ralph).

Now we just have to dig out our old chain wallets and rollerblades to get in the right ’90s frame of mind to watch it.

Featured Image: Netflix

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