HOCUS POCUS Jewelry Collection is Perfectly Charming

Spooky season is here early this year thanks to the new Hocus Pocus themed collection from RockLove Jewelry! We’re running amuck (amuck!) with our wallets to pick up everything we can in this gorgeous collection.

From a dangling broom necklace to practically glowing amulets and rings that look like they could actually be part of a magic ritual, we think this latest pop culture jewelry collaboration from RockLove will put a spell on you. It’s simply enchanting.

RockLove Hocus Pocus Collection

RockLove Jewelry

Allison Cimino, designer and CEO of RockLove Jewelry and self-professed Hocus Pocus fanatic, drew on her lifelong love of the Disney classic to design the collection.

Three sets make up this magical nine piece jewelry line. Layered necklaces with a sterling silver charms of a broom and cauldron make a perfect pair for fans of Winnifred Sanderson or anyone who gives off their own witchy vibes. (Look closely at the broomstick and you’ll see some familiar words engraved there.) A brooch on Winnifred’s robes inspired the interwoven snake necklace, ring, earrings, and pin with a stunning green crystal cabochon. And finally a colorful sterling silver ring, earrings, and necklace set, each engraved with the phase “I suggest we form a calming circle” rounds out the collection. The red, purple, and green gems on the pieces each represent a Sanderson sister, a subtle and delightful touch for fans of the 1993 film.

RockLove Hocus Pocus Collection

RockLove Jewelry

The Disney x RockLove Hocus Pocus collection launches on the RockLove website on September 15, 2020. Pieces range in price from $65 to $165. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to wear these pieces! Wear them any time you need to add a little magic to your day.

Featured Image: RockLove Jewelry

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