RockLove’s STAR WARS Kyber Crystal Necklaces Channel the Force

A Jedi’s lightsaber is one of their most powerful tools. And at the heart of every lightsaber lives a kyber crystal. In many ways, this crystal sits, literally and figuratively, at the center of a Jedi’s connection with the Force. First, the Force guides a Jedi to their kyber crystal. And then the crystal connects the Jedi back to the Force. These deep bonds help the Jedi find balance in precarious situations. Now, we too can capture this magic with RockLove Jewelry’s Kyber Crystal necklaces. For those of us who love lightsaber or Star Wars jewelry, this may be the perfect fit.

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Kyber crystals are actually colorless. They only glow with light when held by their rightful Jedi. Though most of us can’t pick out a crystal of our own in real life, the Force does guide us towards the next best thing… Our favorite characters. Becoming attuned to our favs kind of resembles becoming attuned to the Force. And RockLove’s kyber crystal necklaces want us to feel that bond.

In total, the collection features eight necklaces: Ahsoka Tano, Darksaber, Rey, Kylo Ren, Skywalker Legacy, Darth Vader, Luke, and Leia. Though Darksaber isn’t a character, it has been wielded by hands not featured here, such as Darth Maul and Sabine Wren. So if those characters speak to you, options exist. And, of course, Skywalker Legacy beautifully captures the feeling of a large part of the Star Wars franchise.

Dark Saber and Ahsoka Tano jewlery Star Wars Kyber Crystal necklaces lightsaber jewlery

Each of the necklaces highlights the spirit of their owners. So the color of the crystal, of course, needed to be correct. RockLove shares:

To craft the KYBER CRYSTAL Capsule Collection, RockLove partnered with the finest crystal manufacturer in the world to produce custom-colored crystals in the signature hues of attuned Kyber Crystals. Inspired by the STAR WARS galaxy, these exceptional crystals feature asymmetrical facets and frosted highlights, and are set within their partially assembled iconic LIGHTSABER handle.

From paying homage to Kylo Ren’s iconic crossguard style weapon to capturing Ahsoka Tano’s diamond hilt, each kyber crystal necklace comes perfectly detailed. And each crystal, of course, “reflects your relationship inspired by the Force.” The collection offers a unique take on Star Wars lightsaber jewelry. My personal favorite? Rey’s gleaming yellow crystal, set in silver and rose gold. Courage, determination, and truth. A perfect combination. (P.S. Those who ship Reylo may want to check out some of the modeled photos.)

And, of course, who doesn’t love a Luke and Leia dynamic duo? These two necklaces are the last members of the team to join the collection. And they also complete it. A fitting position for the two Skywalker siblings.

Luke and Leia Kyber Crystal lightsaber jewelry/Star Wars necklaces
Kylo Ren and Rey Lighsaber Kyber Crystal Necklaces. Beautiful Star Wars jewelry.

Each piece from the Star Wars X Rock Love Kyber Crystal collection is now available to purchase. The necklaces individually cost $150. What’s that? Could it be the sound of The Force calling?

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