R.L. Stine’s JUST BEYOND Coming to Disney+

Disney+ is diversifying its original programming. In an interesting new move, the company is turning to comics. Their newest pick-up is Just Beyond, a middle-grade horror comic from none other than R.L. Stine and artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews!

Three kids run away from their school on the cover of Just Beyond.

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The four books in this cute and creepy comics series each focuses on a different scary story, just like Stine’s famed franchise Goosebumps; stories in the series involve kids who get trapped in a terrifying world beyond the boiler room at their school, and a pair of Martians trapped on Earth who possess two kids’ bodies in order to find a way home.

Announced series writer Seth Grahame-Smith did confirm Disney+’s adaptation will be an anthology series. Clearly excited about the project, Stine himself said Disney+’s Just Beyond press release, “Back in the day, we had a Goosebumps HorrorLand attraction at Walt Disney World,” the writer explained. “It was one of the thrills of my life. Now I’m thrilled to be back with Disney for the TV series based on my graphic novels.”

Just Beyond comes from the smaller publisher BOOM! Something interesting to note here is that the show will be made by 20th Century Fox Television (now owned by Disney), as Fox used to hold a stake in BOOM! alongside a first-look deal for their comic adaptations. This is likely just a holdover from that deal, as Netflix has just recently signed a first-look deal with the comics company. Either way, it’s an interesting development.

RL Stine's JUST BEYOND Coming to Disney+_2

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After the massive success of the recent Are You Afraid of the Dark reboot, we’re excited to see a new kids horror show on our screens. Let’s just hope that the team can make something as iconic as that Canadian standout, Eerie Indiana, or of course, Goosebumps!

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