Ring in the New Year with These Fabulous Grown-Up Party Games

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Ah, New Year’s Eve. While some of us will pack Times Square to watch the ball drop and others will flock to Vegas for its ginormous block party, most of us will celebrate with our friends and families in the comfort of our homes. And what better way to ring in the new year at your house party, get together, or soiree with some party games?

Have a few adult beverages (don’t forget your designated driver or your Lyft!) and enjoy one of these adult-themed party games. Whether you dress to the nines to go out or opt for comfortable clothes for a celebratory game night at home, these three games will provide plenty of uproarious laughter as you say goodbye, adios, and arrivederci to 2018.

Deadpool Vs. The World


If your party guests are of the geekier persuasion, then Deadpool Vs. The World is the game for them. Three to 10 players caption one of the 100 custom Deadpool illustrations (aka WTF? cards), hoping to score points for their originality and inventiveness. The Merc with a Mouth has never been in a more compromising position!

After revealing a random WTF? that shows Deadpool in one form or another, you’ll use one of your five Caption cards to describe Deadpool. Players familiar with Cards Against Humanity will recognize the similar voting mechanism here, in which players vote for their favorite caption. Thankfully, this is more than just a CAH clone; the Caption cards ensure players keep at least one foot inside the Deadpool world, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make your opponents laugh, cringe, or laugh-cringe. Winner is the first with five WTF? Cards.

Telestrations After Dark


In the family edition of Telestrations, players start with a word and draw it, then pass their book to the next player, who then writes down what they think the drawing is. Players repeat this a few times, then when the book reaches its original owner everybody takes turns talking, and mostly laughing, about what’s inside. It’s like the Pictionary version of the classic “telephone” game we played as kids.

Telestrations After Dark takes the fun and engaging play from the original and adds a touch of naughtiness to the action. With more provocative and hilarious clues like “foreplay” and “drop the kids off at the pool” your party conversations will never be the same after a few rounds.


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As you count down to the new year, a rousing game of Privacy will ensure your last moments of 2018 are memorable. And with a box full of yes/no questions covering a wide range of intimate subjects, you’re bound to learn something new about your friends. I wrote about  Privacy recently: “It’s this provocative and risque spirit that will spark loud laughter and conversation late into your game night. If you’ve ever wondered if any of your friends have had sex at work or if they’ve ever picked food out of the trash and eaten it, then Privacy will get those answers out of them.”

Watch the game played on this episode of Game the Game:

What are your favorite party games? Tell us in the comments!


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